The Clumber Spaniel is a small-sized dog of sporting breed. It has a long body with short but strong feet that is covered with a dense coat. This breed loves attention and affection, so they do best with a family that can give him a lot of affection and cuddling.

It is a largest of the Spaniel group and are very gentle breed. Although it has all the quality that one wish in dog, if you do not like a heavy shedding and drooling dog, Clumber Spaniel might not be for you. If you consider owning this dog in spite of it all, you can read more about its behavior in this article.

The temperament of the Clumber Spaniel Dog

The temperament of the Clumber Spaniel is gentle, mellow, and affectionate. It loves showing its family that he loves them by cuddling and being by their side. Although a hunting breed, it is very gentle and loving when with its people. It does not show unnecessary aggression unless there is some threat to the family.

This breed does not require a lot of activities. It loves waiting for you while you work, come back home to them and take them for a walk. While taking him out, make sure it is on a leash, otherwise, it will go after small animals due to its hunting instinct.

Clumber Spaniel relaxing with its master
Clumber Spaniel relaxing with its master.
Image Source: American Kennel Club

The Personality of the Clumber Spaniel Dog

The personality of the Clumber Spaniel is smart, loyal, and calm. Though it looks goofy due to its big doe-eyes, it is rather a very smart breed. It is a slow worker but in time, it can be really enthusiastic and can perform agility despite people;s description of him as a lazy dog.

The training of the Clumber Spaniel Dog should be started as soon as you bring the puppy home. It is a very clever breed, so it will soak up commands and trick taught to them without much difficulties. They can be stubborn sometime, so a firm and patient owner is needed who can establish leadership upon them.

Is Clumber Spaniel Dog Child-Friendly?

Yes, the Clumber Spaniel Dog gets along with children very well. If you have small kids, it is better to raise them together by bringing a puppy so they will form a beautiful friendship as they group up together. An older dog is protective of children, so they are not likely to growl or snap them.

However, do not leave them alone and close supervision is always necessary. They might accidentally harm each other while paying.

Clumber Spaniel posing for a photo with a boy
Clumber Spaniel posing for a photo with a boy.
Image Source: American Kennel Club

Is Clumber Spaniel Dog Aggressive?

Clumber Spaniel Dog is not known to be an aggressive dog breed. Although they are aloof and reserved they are not known to show any kind of aggression. However, if they are raised in a harsh environment and have been treated roughly, they might show aggressive behavior.

How Does Clumber Spaniel Dog Behave Around Strangers?

The Clumber Spaniel is reserved around strangers but is never aggressive. They need a proper introduction with the guest in the house. They take time to warm to new people so be patient with them while you introduce them to people outside family members.

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