The gentle giant Clumber Spaniel was bred as a hunting dog. It is a hunting Spaniel used for tracking birds and retrieving them to the hunters. It has a muscular built with strong bones and big broad chest and head.

It is a very smart dog breed, so training them is not hard for an experienced owner and professional trainer. All the Clumber Spaniel need is a good leadership and a proper training methods. In this article, you will learn about the training methods and technique for your dog.

When to Start Training?

Training should be started as soon as you bring your Clumber Spaniel home. Start from the basic obedience training when they are 6 weeks old. During this time, they are smart enough to soak up most of the new commands and tricks. So it is the perfect time for basic training as they are eager to please their owner.

The advance and agility training when the Clumber Spaniel master the basic which should be by 6 months of their birth. Once they reach adulthood, start agility training and other challenging tricks. Their mind needs to be stimulated with challenges for them to be happy and content.

Where to Start Training?

When the Clumber Spaniel is still a puppy and you are giving them basic training, it is better to train them at home. Do not take them out until they are four months old as it is time for the puppy’s socialization and also they are fearful before the socialization period. While training at home, keep the toys away from your dog so it does not get distracted by them.

For socialization, advance, and agility training, take your Clumber Spaniel in the park or a place with people. They will meet people, dogs and will develop socialization skills. For agility training, a less crowded place with less distraction should be considered.

Clumber Spaniel retrieving bird from the field
Clumber Spaniel retrieving bird from the field.
Image Source: Gun Dog Magazine

How to Define Task?

While training your Clumber Spaniel, it is important that he learn your language first. Define tasks for them so they understand what you want them to do. Your dog needs to learn the different words for different tasks, so teach them one word for a certain task. For example, if you want your dog to sit, come when called, stop doing a certain task, use the words sit, come, stop respectively. It will make it easier for them to understand.

Likewise use gestures to make them understand even more in the beginning. Put your palm upfront of them while saying the word stop. Demonstrate them by doing it yourself so they follow you like ‘rollover’, which you can do yourself and show them how it’s done.

Training Process

The Clumber Spaniel is a smart dog breed, so training is not hard as long as you are an experienced training that knows the way around dogs. They are quick at learning new commands and tricks.

Leadership: Establish a firm and consistent leadership upon your Clumber Spaniel so it will see you as its master and follow your commands. Be patient with them and ever raise and hand or use harsh word to your dog. Teach your dog to respect you. When you say stop, he should obey you and stop doing whatever it is doing immediately.

Clumber Spaniel retrieving ball from the lake
Clumber Spaniel retrieving ball from the lake.
Image Source: [email protected]

Positive Reinforcement: Using positive method of training for your dogs really encourage them to learn fast. When you are training your Clumber Spaniel, reward him with treats or praises as he complete a certain task. It will keep your dog motivated and will learn fast.

Agility: Clumber spaniel is an active dog breed, so agility training is important for them. As your dog master the basic of obedience, enroll them in agility training for physical health and mental stimulation.

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