We keep the name of our dogs as we consider them one of our family members. People keep names that come in their mind and are easy to remember as they see their pets.

Dogs are one of the most appreciated pets of human being.Keeping names for our dogs is very usual these days. People keep very unusual, attractive and extra ordinary names for their dogs.

Some Creative Dog Names for Pet Pairs

In today’s world, people come up with brilliant ideas that are extra ordinary from the usual. Similarly, they also come up with creative ideas when it comes to keeping the names of their pet dogs.

People keep their dogs name associated to various things such as Love, Friendship, etc. Some of the most creative dog names for pet pairs on different bases are as follows:

Romantic Pair Names For Dogs

Some creative names that dog owners keep as their dog’s name are related to Love and Romance. Few of them are as follows:

  1. Romeo and Juliet
  2. Beauty and Beast
  3. Alladin and Jasmine
  4. Cindrella and Prince Charming
  5. Jack and Rose
  6. Adam and Eve
  7. Mickey and Minnie
  8. King and Queen
  9. Oggy and Olive
  10. Harry and sall
Romantic pairing of Bearded Collie Dogs. Guess their names? Image Source: Zastavki

Best Friends

If you are planning to name your two dogs as best friends, then you will not find any other relevant names as follows.

Male Dog Names for Pairs:

  1. Tom and Jerry
  2. Max and Teddy
  3. Scooby and Harry
  4. Paul and Ace
  5. Calvin and Drake
Four Adorable Dogs.

Female Dog Names for Pair

  1. Lilly and Tutti
  2. Betty and Dixie
  3. Emilly and Iggy
  4. Kiara and Lauren
  5. Tiki and Penny

Siblings Pairings

Here are some of the names that you can keep for your dogs that are siblings.

Male Dog Name For Sibling Pair

  1. Niles and Jack
  2. Harry and Clark
  3. Charlie and Bruno
  4. Joe and Zeus
  5. Hunter and Dawn
Two siblings of dogs smiling. Can you guess their names? Image Source: Rover

Female Pair Dog Names

  1. Sugar and Bailey
  2. Paige and Lilly
  3. Scarlet and Rachel
  4. Bart and Linus
  5. Venus and Daisy

Food based names

If you are a foodie and are willing to keep your dogs’ name from the name of delicious food items. Here are some names that might help you.

Male Dogs:

  1. Cream and Chips
  2. Oil and Sausage
  3. Beans and Fish
  4. Appple and Peas
  5. Tomatoes and Fluffer

Female Dogs:

  1. Chocolate and Peaches
  2. Baby and KitKat
  3. Jolly and Shrimp
  4. Peanut Butter and Pea
  5. Puff and Hush

Fictional Characters

These days, people have become obsessed with fictional characters and also keep names of their pets based on those characters. Some are listed below.

Male Dogs:

  1. Hansel and Harry
  2. Holmes and Tarzan
  3. Romie and Hutch
  4. Will and Drake
  5. Sheldon and Ken
Pair of dogs. Image Source: Goodfon

Female Dogs:

  1. Ariana and Barbie
  2. Monica and Rachel
  3. Gretel and Juliet
  4. Ethel and Leia
  5. Watson and Craig

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