The Croatian Sheepdog is a very hard-working breed with an athletic breed. It is an easy dog to train that obey and listen to the command of its master keenly. On the right hand, this breed is not difficult to handle and train.

If you are planning to own a Croatian Sheepdog and want to know if it is easy or hard to train, you are at the right place. Learn more about the training process and method for Croatian Sheepdog here.

When to Start Training Croatian Sheepdog?

Like any other dog breed, the best time to start training your Croatian Sheepdog is as soon as you bring him home. When it is about 7-8 weeks old, basic training should be started like teaching him his name, teaching to come when being called, and other basic commands. This is also the age where the puppy is very eager to please its owner, so it is more attentive.

Croatian Sheepdog bringing a piece of wood
Croatian Sheepdog bringing a piece of wood.
Image Source: American Kennel Club

Advance and agility training should be started as soon as your Croatian Sheepdog gets 6 months old. It is a perfect time for their agility as they have mastered the basics and are ready for more adventure.

Where to Start Training Croatian Sheepdog?

Training can be done at home when you are teaching your Croatian Sheepdog basic commands and tricks. It does not need a big space for basic command. Keep the toys away from him while training so he does not get distracted by them. The training session also should be short and fun. Long training might bore your dog which will make them lose interest in the training.

For agility training, take your dog in the park or in any open, less crowded space. It is a very active dog breed that needs good physical exercise as well as mental stimulation. So tracking, flyball, fetching, agility and more should be trained to them in an free space. Croatian Sheepdog also loves to go on a hiking or jogging with you, so it also can be a great companion for physical activities.

Croatian Sheepdog agility training
Croatian Sheepdog agility training.
Image Source: DogTime

How to Define Task

Defining task for your Croatian Sheepdog is making him understand your language and what you want him to do. To do that, you have to pick certain words for certain task. For example, eat, come, sit, stop are some of the common words to teach your dog to do those things. As soon as your dog do the task, reward him with a treat immediately and he will learn fast.

Training Process

Training Croatian Sheepdog is not a difficult task as they are obedient and intelligent that learn new commands and tricks quickly.

Leadership: Be a firm and consistent leader if you want to train your Croatian Sheepdog. An novice owner will not be able to teach this dog the required training for him. It needs an active leader who can match its energy level.

Positive Reinforcement: Your Croatian Sheepdog will response very well to the positive method of training. After he completes a certain task, reward him with treats and praises. It will motivate them and keep them focused on the training.

Agility: Agility is a very important part of the Croatian Sheepdog training as it is a highly active working dog. So involve him in dog’s sports like agility, fetch, flyball, herding, and many more. It will keep him physically fit and mentally stimulated.

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