Dalmatian is a flashy, black-spotted, lively and loving dog. It is a medium-sized dog that is originated in Croatia. When you hear the name Dalmatian or see one on the street, you will either think about the firehouse mascot or Disney’s movie 101 Dalmatians.

Dalmation is a sturdy, athletic dog with a high level of energy. It is the best choice for every family that is looking for a sweet, lively, and loving dog. Apartment life is not much suited for them due to their energy level but with regular taking out for exercise, they can do well in an apartment as well.

Temperament of the Dalmatian

The temperament of the Dalmation is fun, loving, playful, and affectionate. It is a very friendly dog breed that gets along with everyone making them a perfect pet for a family.

Although friendly, they do not get with other dogs well. So, if it is to be kept with other pets, they should be raised together from a small age. They are highly energetic dogs, so provide them with enough agility training.

Dalmatian agility
Dalmatian agility.
Image Source: DogBreedz – SmugMug

Dalmatian thrives on the love, attention, and care of its people. They enjoy being with their human being, so if they are left all by themselves for a long time, they will get separation anxiety. Therefore do not leave them alone for a long time as it will affect their mood and they can be destructive and depressed.

Personality of the Dalmatian

The personality of the Dalmatian is friendly loving, energetic, and smart. It is friendly with everyone, from small kids to old people. They tend to wag their tail and welcome any guest and visitor warmly at home. They are a highly playful and energetic dog that needs an owner who can keep up with its level of energy.

They are smart and tends to catch on new commands and instruction quickly, so it is not a difficult job to train then by an experienced dog owner. Use positive methods of training to motivate them and keep them focused on training. Never be harsh on them as they will be scared and will not be able to focus on the training session.

Is Dalmatian Child-Friendly?

Yes, Dalmatian is a very friendly and playful dog that makes a perfect play partner for your kids. They are loving towards them and enjoy being with children. Although due to their very playful and energetic nature, they might accidentally knock over small kids and hurt them. So, elderly supervision is always needed while letting both of them interact.

Baby girl and Dalmatian posing for photo
Baby girl and Dalmatian posing for photo.
Image Source: Instagram-@a_dal_and_a_dale

What Makes Dalmatian Aggressive?

Dalmatian is not at all aggressive. They are a very friendly dog by birth. They might bark at someone but they are not likely to get aggressive unless they are raised in a bad environment with bad treatment.

How Does Dalmatian Behave Around Strangers?

Dalmatian is shy around strangers and will bark at them if they see one approaching them. Although with early socialization, they can get along with them pretty well. So, expose them with a variety of people from an early age, so they do not get aggressive in front of them.

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