Both Scottish Deerhound and the Irish Wolfhound are large-sized dog breeds that belong to a hound family. They both have a lot of similarities which makes any person confused about them at a first glance.

Although they both are sighthounds, bred for hunting their prey through sight, they have their own difference. This makes it easy for one to differentiate them on the first look.

Similarities and Differences in Appearance

Both the Scottish Deerhound and the Irish Wolfhound have Greyhound-like appearance with long wire hair. They both are a masculine and long breed that falls on the list of largest breeds. The muzzle of both breeds is long and they have a wiry mustache.

Although both are large breeds, the Irish Wolfhound is larger than Scottish Deerhound. The other noticeable differences are their ears and tail. While the Irish Wolfhound has a long and slightly curved tail, Scottish Deerhound has a long and tapering tail that almost touches the ground. The Irish Wolfhound has short ears whereas the Scottish Woldhond has high-set ears that are folded back.

Similarities and Differences in History

Both the Irish Wolfhound and the Scottish Deerhound have the history as a sighthound that used to hunt their prey through sight. They are both the member of the hound group and are the largest breeds.

While both are used as a sighthound, they both had different prey to hunt. The Irish Wolfhound was used as a wolf hunter and the Scottish Deerhound was used as a deer hunter. The Irish Wolfhound is the national dog of Ireland whereas the Scottish Deerhound is the Royal dog of Scotland.

Similarities and Differences in Temperament

Even though both breeds have a different history, the temperaments are pretty the same. Both are very docile and friendly making both an excellent choice for an active and loving family. Both love to cuddle and are great with kids as well as old people.

The difference in both the breed is that the Irish Wolfhound is agile and quick-witted but the Scottish Deerhound is gentle, dignified, and polite. Whatever temperament they both holds, they both make an excellent companion for a family and do great in a house with a big yard.

Health Concerns

The average life span of the Irish Wolfhound is between 6-8 years. They are generally a healthy breed but might suffer from a few of the common canine health issues. The common health problems found in Irish Wolfhound are:

  • Heart problems
  • Bone cancer
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Bloat

The average life span of the Scottish Deerhound is between 8-11 years, which is slightly more than the Irish Wolfhound. The major health concerns for the Scottish Deerhound are as follows:

  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Gastric Torsion
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Cystinuria

Other Differences

  • The average hight of the Irish Wolfhound is between 30-32 inches and weight is between 105-120 pounds. Whereas the average height of the Scottish Deerhound is between 28-32 inches and the average weight d between 85-110 pounds.
  • The Irish Wolfhound is 76th popular breeds in the American Kennel Club and the Scottish Wolfhound is 158th popular breed as of 2019.


So, you have read about the major similarities and differences between the Irish Wolfhound and the Scottish Deerhound. Even though both have their similarities, they can be distinguished by their specific physical traits, history, and unique personality. They both have their own unique traits which makes them good at what they were bred for.

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