The Deutscher Wachtelhund is a versatile gun dog with a strong hunting instinct. It is also known as ‘German Spaniel’ which was originated in Germany. Although it has a background of a hunter, it makes an excellent family companion in an active and loving family.

Deutscher Wachtelhund has a compact, muscular body for performing hunting. It is a medium-sized dog with a friendly temperament towards its family. As an active dog, it is best to keep it in a house with a fenced yard.

Temperament of the Deutscher Wachtelhund

The temperament of the Deutscher Wachtelhund is active, intelligent, and fearless. A good bred Deutscher Wachtelhund should never be timid but should be courageous and full of life. Due to this nature, they are also taken as an excellent watchdog that will watch your family and properties from any kind of danger.

Being an active hunter, Deutscher Wachtelhund should be involved in regular activities and exercise. If they re not provided with required activities for their body, they can get anxious and destructive. Therefore, for their fit body and healthy mind, always involve them in dog games, walking, jogging, hiking, and other activities.

Deutscher Wachtelhund retrieving
Deutscher Wachtelhund retrieving.
Image Source: Deutscher Wachtelhund of North America

Personality of Deutscher Wachtelhund

The personality of the Deutscher Wachtelhund is friendly, affectionate, lively, and gentle towards its family. They are known to be aggressive while on the hunting but with family, they are loving and friendly. They are not so great with other pets in the house, especially small pets. So it is better to keep them with their own sized pet if raised together from a small age.

They have a high hunting instinct, so it is better to keep them in a fenced yard than in an open place. If they see any small animals running, they go after them chasing and will not return until they catch them. Deutscher Wachtelhund can be independent and it can be challenging to train them. But with the right leadership, consistent training, they are quick to learn new instruction and tricks. Use positive methods of training as a source of motivation for them.

Is Deutscher Wachtelhund Child-Friendly?

Deutscher Wachtelhund does great with children as they are very energetic, playful, and loving dogs. Although their interaction and playtime should always be supervised as kids might play rough and your dog might knock on them accidentally.

Teach your kids to approach dogs and to behave around them.

A boy holding Deutscher Wachtelhund
A boy holding Deutscher Wachtelhund.
Image Source: Instagram-@windyhavenranch

What makes Deutscher Wachtelhund aggressive?

Deutscher Wachtelhund is not at all an aggressive dog at home but they are while hunting. They are friendly with its people and suspicious of strangers but not aggressive. Their aggression also depends on the kind of environment they are raised on.

If they are raised in a harsh environment, they tend to be aggressive and if they are raised in a loving and friendly environment, they tend to be loving.

How Does Deutscher Wachtelhund Behave Around Strangers?

Deutscher Wachtelhund is suspicious of strangers and will bark if they see one approaching them. Although with proper introduction, they get along with visitors and guest at home pretty well. Socialize them with a variety of people at an early age, so they can get along with strangers well and not get shy around them.