As per the study conducted by the Canadian Researchers from Dalhousie University, dogs on average can understand 89 words and phrases and altogether 215 words and phrases.

The study was done on 165 dogs and the dogs understood 15 to 215 words and phrases. Your canine is more capable of understanding your words and sentences than you think.

“Due to their evolutionary history and close association with humans, domestic dogs have learned to respond to human verbal and non-verbal cues at a level unmatched by other species. Their ability to respond to communicative cues is critical for the numerous professional and family roles they play in our lives.”

said the researchers.

The words understood by the dogs were mostly basic commands. The study listed the most common words understood by the dogs which mostly included sit, walk, wait, and so on.

The dogs may not have fully understood the phrase or words but have a general idea of what it is and respond accordingly to the command.

Some breeds of dogs like herding and toy companion dogs understand more commands and words than other breeds of dogs.

The study of the ability of dogs to understand words was first done by scientists in 1928. The study was done through a male German Shepherd and the dog was able to understand 65 different words.

Dogs are much smarter and more intelligent than we think them to be.

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