Fireworks are enjoyed by people and are often seen as a fun activity. People often light fireworks on many occasions and at festivals for entertainment, but it negatively impacts dogs. A dog’s hearing is way more sensitive than that of a human being.

Even the slightest noise can alert a dog; we can imagine how fireworks can be too loud for dogs. For us, festivals matter, and we are aware of the days the fireworks light up the sky, but for dogs, it’s just another usual day. They are unaware of the fireworks lighting up the sky and are scared at the sudden occurrence of the fireworks.

Fireworks are threatening for the dogs, and they may try to escape or hide away from that place. Most of the dogs are found hiding or running away on such occasions.

The firecrackers’ unpredictable and loud bangs risk the dogs’ safety and potentially put them in danger. Once the dogs are scared by the loud noises from the fireworks, they will likely be traumatized by the fireworks for the rest of their lives.

All dogs may not be scared by the fireworks. It depends upon their breed and genetics as well. Different dogs show different behavior on such occasions. Some may try to hide from the noise, while others try to escape the space.

There can be ways to make your dog used to the noise of the fireworks. You can try to introduce them to the fireworks noise at small degrees. You can slowly introduce your dog to the noise of fireworks.

You can distract your dog from the fireworks and keep them calm during the fireworks. When your dog is anxious, you should remain calm and not show any anxious behavior around your dog.

You should never scold your dogs during the fireworks; they may already be stressed about the situation your scolding will only add more stress for your dog.

If you cannot control your dog’s anxious behavior, you should consult a vet or behaviorist to take the situation under control. Your vet may suggest some medications to calm your dog or may suggest other remedies.

The behaviorist may help to control your dog’s anxious and stressed situation and push your dog’s behavior to the positive side. Help from professionals can always safeguard the health and safety of your dog.

If there is a firework happening around you, you should manage a quiet and comfortable space for your canine to make them anxiety free.

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