An experiment conducted by scientists from Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary proved that dogs could separate different languages when listening to people talk in different languages.

In the experiment conducted 18 dogs were trained to lay motionless in a brain scanner and were played parts of the famous novella The Little Princess. The novella was played in two languages, Hungarian and Spanish. The 18 dogs only had heard either Spanish or Hungarian language.

Image: Border Collie Kun-Kun who was part of the experiment
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When playing the novella in two languages, the canines’ brains had two different reactions to the two languages. Their brain showed familiar and unfamiliar patterns proving that the dogs are able to differentiate the languages.

This was the first time, that a brain except for the human brain to identify language. This was very amusing for people and it could be the result of dogs have been living with humans for a very long.

Co-author Raul Hernandez-Perez said, ” The mechanism underlying this speech detention ability may be different from speech sensitivity in humans, whereas human brains are specially tuned to speech, dog brains may simply detect the naturalness of the sound.”

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