Dogs enjoy eating food and can eat whatever food you provide them as long as it’s tasty. They would not know if it is good for them or toxic for them. It is the duty of the dog owner to should know what kind of human food is good and what kind of food is harmful to your dog.

Vegetables and fruits are good for the health of your dog and they also have some benefits to their health. However, not all vegetables and food are non-toxic. Some vegetables are healthy for you but not for your dog and some are healthy for you both.

So, What about Asparagus?

Can Dog Eat Asparagus?

Yes, your dog can eat Asparagus just like you do as they are non-toxic for them. Asparagus is a very tasty food that also contains vitamins and minerals which is good for the healthy life of your dog. They can eat both raw and cooked as both are equally good for your dog’s health.

Bulldog and Asparagus
Bulldog and Asparagus.
Image Source: American Bully Daily

Can Your Dog Eat Raw Asparagus?

As mention above, yes! your dog can eat raw Asparagus but there are things that need to be considered before feeding it raw.

  • Asparagus stems are quite tough that even we humans find difficult to chew. So, while having difficulty chewing, your dog might try to eat it whole which can cause the problem in digesting.
  • Raw Asparagus can present a choking hazard, so it is not adviced unless you cut it into small pieces and feed them.

How to Cook Asparagus for your Dog?

Cooked asparagus contributes to proper digestion of your dog as it becomes soft and easily digestible. Another benefit of feeding cooked asparagus to your dog is to reduce the choking hazard. Although it is recommended to grill it lightly as properly cooked vegetables usually lose the nutritions in it. Cook it simply without using any extra ingredients like oil, butter, or salt.

Benefits and Effects of feeding Asparagus

  • Asparagus is rich in natural antioxidant that helps in flushing out the toxin from the body of your dog.
  • The vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in asparagus increase the immunity of your dogs and also improves the functioning of the organs.
  • It also helps in promoting healthy skin, hair, teeth, and eyes.

The one side effect of feeding asparagus to your dog is, your dog’s pee will have a strange bad smell. However, it is totally normal and will not have any effect on the health of your dog. When the antioxidants work and flush out all the toxin from the body of your dog through the dog’ds urine, it causes the bad smell.

Asparagus in dog's head
Dog balancing Asparagus in its head.
Image Source: LOLbook

Things to Consider Before Feeding Asparagus

  • While asparagus is not toxic for your dog, the ferns are not healthy for your dog. It will cause intestinal discomfort, diarrhea, and vomiting.
  • The stems of the asparagus are tough and while feeding your dog a raw one, it might choke on it. So, it is recommended to pill out the tough part or just grill it lightly.
Dog tasting Asparagus.


While you know now that you can feed asparagus to your dog but always feed it in the right amount and not too much. This vegetable is good for preventing diabetes and cancer. However, it does not mean that asparagus can cure cancer. Although, with exercise and healthy vegetable intake, this dreadful disease can be prevented.

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