When it comes to dog food, South Africa have a large verity of choices for both dry and wet food.

Picking the right food for your dog is certainly confusing. You need to keep a few things in mind while choosing food for the dog. The buyers need to be aware of the allergy and health problem your dog might face due to the wrong food choice.

So, here are a few brands of dry and wet food of a leading industry which are good, healthier and worth the cost in South Africa.

8 Dry And Wet Dog Food Available In South Africa With There Price

While thinking of buying dog food, a lot of dog’s owners get confused about what type of food is good for their pet. Both dry and wet food have their own benefits. As dry food help your dog in dental problem, wet food helps your dog to maintain their hydration level.

Veterinarian consult is needed before feeding your dog either dry or wet food. As your dog may have a dental problem and dry food may hurt his gum. Your vet will also suggests you the amount of nutrition that your dog needs.


Pedigree is owned by Mars, a worldwide manufacturing company. Pedigree marketed itself in the 1980s. The pedigree brand includes both dry and wet foods, as well as snacks and treats, where most of their foods are targeted for weight control, oral care and other health concerns.

They have divided their foods for adult, puppy, small, medium and large breed. Pedigree has focused the product price to fit lower budgets.

Some of the dry and wet foods that pedigree produce are listed below with their price.

Dry Foods

Dry Food for Small Puppy- R219 for 3.5kg

Adult Medium Breed Beef Dry Dog Food- R110 for 1.75kg

Medium Breed Chicken and Rice Dry Dog Food- R110 for 1.75kg

Wet or Canned Food

Adult Pouch Multi-pack – Chicken and Beef with Veg in Gravy- R29 for 4x 100g

Adult Pouch x4 Multi-pack – Chicken and Lamb in Jelly- R29 for 0.1kg

Puppy Pouch x4 Multi-pack – Chicken and Beef with Rice in Jelly- R20 for 0.1kg


Eukanuba has been producing pet food since 1969. It provides dog food with high quality nutrition for healthy lives for dogs.

Dry Food

Eukanuba Puppy Medium Breed Dog Food – R104-112 per kg

Eukanuba Adult Daily Care Sensitive Skin Dog Food – R278-289 for 2.3 kg

Eukanuba Adult Large Breed Lamb And Rice Dog Food – R974-1025 for 15 kg

Hill’s Pet Nutrition

The market sign for Hill’s Pet Nutrition is “Hill’s”. They produce large amount of nutrition food for pets like dogs and cats.

Dry Foods

Hill’s Healthy Mobility Large Adult Dog Food – R904-949 for 12 kg.

Hill’s science plan Youthful Vitality Large Adult Dog Food – R786-825 for 10 kg

Hill’s Ideal Balance Adult Medium Breed No Grain Tuna and Potato Dog Food -R246-259 for 2 kg

Wet Or Canned Food

Hill’s Active Longevity Measure Adult 7+ Canned Food – R30.50-32 for 370g

Hill’s Perfect weight Chicken and Vegetables Canned Dog Food – R36-38 for 363g

Hill’s Ideal Balance Adult Slow-Cooked Chicken And Zucchini Stew Dog Food – R38-45 for 354g


Orijen was founded in 1985 by Reinhard Muhlenfeld which is sold in70 Countries. It is a premium brand of dog food and cat food manufactured in Alberta, Canada, and Kentucky by Champion Petfoods.

Dry Food

Orijen Senior Dog Food – R84.50-90 for 340g

Orijen Six Fish Dog Food – R469-500 for 2kg

Orijen Fit And Trim Dog Food – R84.50-90 for 340g


Wet or Canned Food

Petlay’s Adult Ostrich Terrine Canned Dog Food – R19-20 for 375g

Petlay’s Lamb Adult Canned Dog Food -R19-20 for 385g

Petlay’s Rich In Succulent Chicken With Vegetables Canned Dog Food -R19-20 for 385g

Royal Canin

Dry Food

Royal Canin Jack Russell Adult Dog Food – R173-185 for 1.5kg

Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult Dog Food -R899-945 for 12kg

Royal Canin Cocker Spaniel Adult Dog Food R899-945 for 12kg

Wet or Canned Food

Royal canin Mini-Starter Mother & Babydog Canned Mousse – R337-355 for 12*195g

Royal canin Appetite Stimulation Junior Canned Puppy Food -R215-229 for 12*195g

Royal Canin Beauty Adult Canned Dog Food -R215-229 for 12*195g


Dry Food

MeraDog Premium Care Light Adult Dog Food -R286-300 for 4kg

Meradog Premium Care Pure Mini-Chicken & Rice Gluten-Free Dog Food -R325-345 for 3kg

Meradog Premium Pure Goody Snacks Dog Biscuits -R115-120 for 600g

Vets Choice

Dry Food

Vets choice Large Puppy Food -R97-105 for 1.8kg

Vets Choice Sensitive Adult Dog Food -R121-130 for 1.8kg

Vets Choice Superior Adult Dog Food -R395-420 for 8kg

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