If you are a Dog owner, have you ever considered or worried about your dog chewing their nails? You might have neglected the behavior of your dog, but this is a serious matter that you shouldn’t fail to care properly. So, here are reasons and solutions for your problem about your pet biting their nails.

Dog chewing their nails is completely natural, but if the condition becomes chronic then it is something that the owner should consider the vet. The reasons for your dog biting his nails are given below.

1. Because The Nails Are Too Long

Your dog may bite their nails because its too long and are bothering them. If you hear your furry pet biting his nails, then its the time you should trim them. Some dog’s nails break naturally while walking or running around. You can trim the nails yourself or take them to the vet or the groomer.

Long Nails.
Long Nails of Dogs Can Be Problematic. Image Source: World Pet Express.

2. Infection

Inhalant allergies, also known as atopy, are another cause of chewing, licking and itching their paws. It might also get through from the foods or the grass outdoors. Your dog’s saliva can also be the reason to get the secondary bacterial or fungal infection on the feet which is why it’s important to stop the behavior.

3. Anxiety And Boredom

Sudden changes in the surrounding might lead your dog to anxiety. Which is also the one of the most common reason for your furry friend biting its nails. Separation anxiety can be the culprit as, if you’re gone leaving your pet alone, instead of sleeping it can bite his nails, make a complete mess of your house until you return.

Bored Dog.
A Dog Getting Bored. Image Source: Purina

Your four legged friend might try to entertain himself by biting his nails if he feels extremely bored. Your dog’s lack of stimulation and exercise is affecting his mental and physical health. So, you have to take your dog to the dog park quite more often where he can enjoy himself and not feel bored. A tired dog is a happy dog and will likely to sleep instead of chewing his nails.

4. Dry Skin

Dry skin can cause due to lack of fatty acids, cold or dry weather. If you keep a close eye on your dog’s paw then you will see dandruff, flakes, cracked and tough skin. This is also an important measure that you should consider.

Dandruff In Dog's Paw.
Dry Paw Of Dog. Image Source: petwellbeing.

5. Broken Nails, Flea or Even A Tick

Sometimes your dog’s nail can be broken at the very base of the nail and this type of break will bother your pet and will start chewing it. Broken nails can come off on their own but sometimes it may not which will start bothering your dog and get infected.

You might not notice a flea or a tick on your dog’s body, but you could see your dog itching chewing and licking your dog’s paw and body which leads to hair loss as well. Make sure you use a flea comb and give your dog a warm water bath.


1. Consult A Vet As Soon As Possible

Consulting a vet can always be the best solution as they have everything to suggest you need to know.

2. Leave Some Tools Before Leaving Them Alone

As we have already talked before about their anxiety and boredom, you can leave some toys, ropes, balls near them before you leave them alone in the house. This can help them make busy and play while they are bored and will also not make your home a complete mess.

So, these were some major reasons and solutions for your dog biting their nails. Some dogs chew their nails because it might be their habit or they might feel good about it. In these cases, the vet looks for a non-behavioral disease. If you notice that your dog is biting the nails, seek veterinary advice, since most of these cases are treatable if addressed early.

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