Have you ever tried feeding your dog some popcorn? Did you know that our furry pals can also eat popcorn as we do? They also love this delicious food as we do.

Do you want to feed your dog popcorn but don’t know whether it is good or bad for them? Then, we are here to help you. Here is detailed information regarding popcorn for dogs:

Can dogs eat popcorn?

Yes, dogs can eat popcorn as we can but not in similar amounts as we do. They can eat popcorn as a casual treat sometimes but regular intake of it is not good for them.

Is popcorn good for dogs?

Yes, air-popped popcorn is good for your dogs due to its healthy properties. It includes vitamins such as vitamin B, A, K and E along with some other nutrients such as iron, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, and folate. You’ll have to remember that popcorn is only healthy for your dog when it’s not covered in fattening toppings.

Benefits of eating popcorn for dogs

There are various benefits of eating popcorn for dogs. First of all, it contains nutrients like riboflavin and thiamin which are great for the dog’s vision. Popcorn also serves minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and manganese that are important for the bone development of dogs. These minerals also help to maintain older dogs’ bones as they become brittle with age.

A white dog eating popcorn. Image Source: AKC

Potassium and zin present in popcorn are both essential for the dog’s body to function efficiently. Furthermore, it also contains copper which helps your dog to absorb iron. And maintaining adequate iron prevents your dog from becoming anemic.

How is popcorn bad for dogs?

Though popcorn has many healthy aspects for dogs, it is not always suitable for them. Plain popcorn in a small amount is fine for your dog but popcorn loaded with toppings is not so good for them. Salt and healthy fats in moderation are good for your pooh just like you. However, too much salt and fat in your pet’s diet can lead to upset stomach and obesity.

If an already overweight dog is allowed to eat popcorn on a regular basis, then the additional calories may result in the dog suffering from obesity. And obesity in dogs can cause high cholesterol, diabetes and high BP (Blood Pressure).

It is very unfortunate that many of the toppings we enjoy on our popcorn are loaded with fat, salt or even both. Your dog will most likely not receive adequate nutrition if it is eating popcorn in a primary manner.

How much popcorn should your dog eat?

For dogs, moderation is the key when it comes to eating popcorn. We would obviously want to share this delicious snack with our furry friend as they bond very well and make us feel like we have something in common. So, go ahead and share, don’t hesitate!

Feeding popcorn to a dog. Image Source: Petplan

Just be sure to feed a few pieces here and there and your pooch will love you for it. Also, your dog will surely love you for it and of course, you’ll be worry-free as you share a snack together with your buddy.

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