Shikoku Ken, the Japanese canine was originally bred for hunting and now is also considered as a loving family dog. With its well-balanced and elegant appearance, the Shikoku is a powerful and versatile dog.

While Shikoku was bred for hunting and tracking of the wild beasts, they make wonderful watchdogs as well. This dog is truly an amazing companion who will always attempt to spend as much time as possible with their family.

Temperaments Of Shikoku Ken

Shikoku’s natural temperament is sweet and docile. They usually love people and are happy to meet new people. They will greet guests with excitement and by wagging their tail. However, as they get older, they may become reserved around strangers.

Shikoku Loves Playing
Shikoku puppy Playing With Ball.
Image Via Youtube

Shikoku is a lively and enthusiastic dog which will need a good amount of daily exercise to stay healthy both physically and mentally. If they are kept jobless they tend to be bored and unhappy.

Personality Traits Of Shikoku

Shikoku is an intelligent, loyal and courageous dog which is quite affectionate and eager to please its owner. They have an incredibly agile and hardy character and are literally restless and due to which you will see them struggling and not fall asleep even after a work full day consists of various activities.

Shikoku Is A Very Active Breed
Shikoku Standing Image Via DogsAholic

Shikoku is generally doing well with other dogs if raised together. As they were bred for hunting, they make a high prey drive and is usually seen chasing small animals and moving objects.

Are They Child-Friendly?

Shikoku goes well with children, only if they are raised together or socialized from an early age. Because of their independent nature, they will not tolerate any kind of teasing or irritation from children and in many cases, it can result in bad outcomes.

And as they possess a very strong prey drive so it makes dangerous for young children and toddlers. Therefore it’s important to supervise your children around this dog and to teach your kid how to behave around dogs.

How Does It Feel To Live With Shikoku?

Like all other hunting breeds, the Shikoku Dog is also very protective and territorial. They should not be allowed to stay alone with small pets, especially if they are not raised with them.

Shikoku Is Very Affectionate To Its Owner
Shikoku Being Kissed By Its Owner.
Image Via Ikigai Shikokus

Early training and socialization are necessary which will help them possess a happy disposition or they can become very destructive. However, Shikoku is not an excellent choice for first-time owners as they are independent and impulsive by nature.

What Makes Them Aggressive?

Shikoku is not generally described as an aggressive dog, Because of their protective and territorial behavior, they tend to become aggressive. Shikoku is known to have dominant and independent nature because of which they do not like to be teased and annoyed by people.

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