The dog’s poop and urine left behind in nature are adversely affecting and damaging nature. The new research done by scientists shows that there is a crucial amount of phosphorus and nitrogen in dog poop and urine left behind in nature.

The left-behind poop and urine of dogs can result in over-fertilization damaging nature. This can affect plant species as well as animal life.

Image: Dog pooping on nature
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This is the issue to be addressed properly and actions are to be taken regarding it. Dog owners should be aware of the situation and should be responsible for cleaning up after their dogs.

In Belgium, over the period of 18 months, the researcher found 1629 dogs in the peri-urban forest and nature reserve area, they left 11kg of Nitrogen and 5kg of Phosphorus per hectare.

This issue has been affecting the ecosystem and the proper management of this issue alternatives and bans should be prepared.

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