Drever is an energetic breed that loves to play around a lot in different places. They are courageous and agile that are very affectionate towards their master. It is suspicious of strangers and makes good watchdogs while trained properly. These breeds can be a little hard to train for a first-time owner so, do thorough research before bringing them home.

They need a strong trainer that trains them well and makes them capable. Drever needs a moderate amount of exercise daily so, make routine accordingly. Here you will learn more about their training methods and process.

When To Train your Drever?

Training your Drever can be at any age as it’s never too late for it. However, early training and socialization are very important that can be started when they reach around 8 weeks. Then as they reach around 4 weeks begin their advanced training including some dogs games and sports.

Picture of two Drever sitting together.
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Introducing yourself as their leader is essential so they won’t show acceptable behavior in the future. Moreover, start their basic training with simple commands like “sit”, “come”, and “go”. Likewise, increase the difficulty for advanced training and teach new commands

Where To Train Your Drever?

Drever is an intelligent dog that soaks up the training process easily so it’s best to train them at home. Looking at their puppy age, friendlier surroundings are where they grow properly. They learn quickly through observation and start doing it next time.

As to start to grow, their advanced training is suitable in open spaces like parks, backyards, driveways, and so on. In addition, socialize them to the outer world as to where they get comfortable with other humans and pets. If you’re having a hard time training them, then look for a training center where they get properly trained.

How To Define Task For Drever

Defining tasks is one of the challenging things while owning a dog especially for the first-time owner. Defining their first task is always difficult so make sure you do it right. Also, Drever sometimes gets stubborn times so, have patience and consistency with them.

Drever running through the jungle.
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Firstly, start with giving visual representation which gives a clear picture of their task. Show how their assigned task is done and reward them when it’s correct. In addition, always remind them of being leaders as they always try to please their master with skills.

Training Process

There are various processes of training your dog but always choose what’s easy for you and Drever. All training processes and strategies might not be for every dog. Below are some effective methods to use for every dog in their training.

Positive Reinforcement: This method is always the best and easy where you only show a positive attitude and behavior against your dog. It encourages and motivates them to do better during training and in their daily life. In addition, don’t use harsh words or physical punishment as it will backfire and affects their health.

Socialization: Another training process is proper socialization from an early age. It helps to boost their confidence, be less aggressive, and confident around strangers. If you own other pets besides Drever then socialization is definitely needed. They aren’t fond of other animals so, socialization helps them to get along.

Leadership: Before starting their training, maintain a firm leadership in them. They sometimes can show dominant behavior so teach them proper ways of behaving. Drever also reacts well with the owner who is patience, consistent, and is the leader of the pack.

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