The large-sized independent English Foxhound are well known for its lightning fast speed and agility. These dogs are active hunting dogs used to hunt down red foxes.

The English Foxhound dogs can be a wonderful addition to your family if they are trained properly. A well trained canine is always fruitful for both the family and as hunting dogs. Here are some strategies and techniques to train your short-coated buddy.

When to start the training?

The English Foxhound dogs are born working dogs and are happy when engaged with works. Are you confused about when to train your English Foxhound? Don’t worry, the answer is, formal training should be delayed until 6 months.

A cute English Foxhound puppy. Image Source: PetsWorld

Although you can start with providing simple clues by the moment you bring them home. They are stubborn as puppies so training should be consistent to avoid bad behaviors in future.

Where to start the training?

The best place for you to train your English Foxhound is undoubtedly your home if it has a yard big enough for the dog to train. You can even take them to a walk in the public parks and dog parks.

When the dog gets mature enough for formal training, you can send them to dog school, puppy school or obedience classes where they’ll learn to socialize with other dogs and new people.

How to define task for your pet?

Defining task for any dog can be a very tough challenge for the owner; especially if the owner is a first-time owner. And as for the large and strong dog like the English Foxhound, it becomes even harder.

Firstly, you need to make your English Foxhound listen to you and obey you. Then only, you can teach him how things work.

An English Foxhound training with his owner. Image Source: Dogs Country Club

In the beginning, you should teach your dog to follow your word commands. You can use commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “go”, “come” and other basic commands.

Use only one command at a time or else your dog may get frustrated and stop training being stubborn. They thrive on rewards, so you can treat him his favorite food when he does a task properly.

The Training Methods

Here are some training methods that you can use to train your English Foxhound:

Alpha dog training

English Foxhound requires alpha dog training which is also known as dominance training because they are hunting dogs naturally and are quite independent at times. They rise in the position of alpha when they sense lack of leadership from their owner.

Alpha training helps your foxhound to realize that you are the alpha and you run the show, not him. It also helps your dog to understand your body language and respect you as the leader of the pack.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement refers to the method of adding something immediately after a behavior occurs which makes the frequency of the dog’s behavior go up.
An English Foxhound being trained.

Positive reinforcement is the only method to train stubborn and strong headed dogs. Rewarding with treats and rewards should be consistent and everyone in the house should use the same technique.


You’ll have to expose your English Foxhound at a very early stage so that they can socialize with other dogs, people and places easily. This will help your dog to be friendly and less dominant against other dogs.

Strategies and Techniques for Easy Training

Here are some strategies and techniques that you can rely on to make your training sessions easy:

Avoid Punishments

The English Foxhound is a very sociable and friendly breed which expects love and affection from its owner. It thrives on love so, try not to punish them even if they don’t do the provided tasks properly.

Punishing your dog will make them lose their love and trust on you. Hence, be a friend to your dog and try to minimize punishments most of the time.

Go Slow

You cannot just add a pile full of commands and expect your dog to perform all of them on their first try. They are good learners but that doesn’t mean that they can learn all commands at a time.

A trainer interacting with his English Foxhounds. Image Source: Instagram@jplynchart

You’ll have to go very slow, one command at a time and then only your foxhound can catch up with his training.

Make Training a Habit

Your English Foxhound won’t be able to learn things if you train them once in a week. You’ll have to train them on a daily basis and consistent way. Make training a part of your dog’s schedule and your dog can thrive fluently.

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