The English Foxhound is the rarest breed of the foxhound breeds that originated in England, Great Britain in the 18th century to fulfill the need of a determined, strong and a fast hunting dog.

The large sized English Foxhound is packed with medium level energy and is considerably very few in number in the United States due to the preference of its American Cousin, the American Foxhound.

What kind of Temperament does the English Foxhound have?

The English Foxhound is a friendly dog that is sometimes stubborn as their independent nature. As they were originated for hunting, they like to go on long walks, hiking and jogging with their owners.

Two English Foxhounds dreesed up in Christmas costumes. Image Source: Instagram@shaye28

Talking about the temperament, these dogs are curious and playful. They like to spend most of their time with their loved ones and have anxiety when separated from them.

Personality Traits of the English Foxhound

The English Foxhound has an independent, stubborn and hound-type personality. They like to take control on their own hands and are strong-willed.

A English Foxhound while training.

As originally bred for hunting purpose, the English Foxhound has strong hunting instincts. They are likely to chase after other small dogs and cats if they are not raised together.

The English Foxhound is an active, energetic and athletic breed that needs to be kept occupied constantly to use its energy in something useful. They should be kept busy in training and learning different skills.

Are Children safe around the English Foxhound?

Yes, your children are definitely going to be fine around the English Foxhound as they are very gentle and kind with kids. They get along with kids very easily and form a friendly bond with the kids.

A English Foxhound posing with a kid. Image Source: Instagram@atxwookiee

The English Foxhound dogs are tolerant dogs that are rarely aggressive. Your kids can spend their whole day playing with the dog and the dog will also enjoy their company.

If socialized early, the dog can mastered up to become the best pal that your kids have. However, the breed is an active hunting breed and has strong prey drive, so you have to be very careful not to leave them unsupervised.

How it feels living with English Foxhound

The English Foxhound is an energetic and active breed that needs a great amount of daily exercise. You’ll have to make sure that you train them on a daily basis with all the training they require.

The English Foxhound is a breed that is produced to work in a pack environment, so they are happiest when they are in numbers. It is better to have a multiple number of dogs than one.

An English Foxhound with his owner. Image Source: Instagram@thereaper88

The same pack instinct of these dogs makes them able to bond quickly with humans too. Socializing the dog with as many people, places and situations as possible will help in their mental stimulation to face difficulties.

The English Foxhound dog can bark and bay showing his ancient characteristic. It will allow him to alert his family members to be alert at the presence of strangers.

The English foxhound has a short coat which makes their grooming very easy with minimal brushing and an occasional bath.


Training and Socialization are something that you can’t miss to do with this breed. You’ll have to very gentle while training them and apply positive reinforcement to treat them.

No matter how hard and consistently you train them, if you are not treating him the right way, they won’t perform properly. You’ll be a friend to them and take very good care. They’ll do very good with love and patience.

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