English Foxhound is an intelligent and courageous breed that soak up training session easily with proper guidance. They are good companion for joggers and runners as they can run for several miles without break. These breeds need a strong trainer that gives them consistent training. With proper training, they follow every commands their owner gives.

Training your dog takes time, patience, and love therefore, to make your dog well behaved and fully trained research thoroughly about them. Here in this article, you’ll know more training techniques and methods to train your English Foxhound.

When To Train English Foxhound

Training of English Foxhound should start when they reach around 8 weeks older or the moment they are home. Start with their basic commands like “sit”, “go”, and “come. Then slowly being their early potty training and socialization to set up a proper base.

8 weeks older English Foxhound with his littermate.
Image Source: Instagram

Likewise, gradually increase their training level as they grow and start their advanced training. Before starting advanced training, make sure they have mastered all the basic training. This training can be done at the age of 4 weeks old with some agility, dog sports, and games.

Where To Train English Foxhound

There are different places to train these breeds but for basic training, train them at home. Being a new member, it’s good to learn in a friendly environment. This training can be done inside the house with open wide areas. English foxhounds easily get distracted by birds and other animals. Therefore, start focus training indoors before introducing them to the outer world.

English Foxhound in an open place with his owner.
Image Source: Instagram

Then for their advance training, take them to wide places like backyard, park, garage, front porch, and so on. At this age, English Foxhound are more focused hence, outdoors training is eligible now. In addition, enroll them in the training centre if you’re having hard time training them.

How To Define Task English Foxhound

Apart from training, defining tasks is another difficult part while coaching English Foxhound. You must remain calm and gentle while assigning tasks. Moreover, make their task less confusing and less hard at first. For instance, show a demo of what you’re teaching them then upgrade your lesson by showing hand gestures. Moreover, reward them with a treat or their favorite toy when they complete the task. These techniques help them to clarify tasks while making the training sessions fun and easy.

Training Process

Positive Reinforcement: This is the easy yet effective method while training your dog. All you have to do is show positive and kind behavior with patience. It helps to make training effortless, build communication, and keep them motivated. Avoid using any kind of punishment as it can either backfire or have an effect on their mental health.

Socialization: It is very important to socialize your dog from early-stage especially when you own other pets in the house. English Foxhound is a friendly and affectionate breed however, without proper socialization they won’t be well mannered. Socialization also makes them confident, less shy around strangers, and behave well in public.

Clicker Training: This is a digital form of training where the owner use a device that makes “click” sound when pressed. When you are training English Foxhound assign a task or command and click the device when they perform task correctly. Instead of giving treats, the “click” sound is the reward for them. It is useful for these breeds as they easily get overweight.

Leash Training: English Foxhound must be leash trained whenever they are outdoors. Start leash training at early age as it won’t be difficult when they are grown. Make them leash and collar friendly indoors. Before taking them out, practice leash walking inside your house as it’s safe for both your dog and stranger.

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