English Setter, one of the oldest gun dog breeds are named after their ‘setting’ skill of birds while hunting. They are still used as a hunting dogs, but today they are popular for being a wonderful family companion with their gentle and calm manners.

With long flat silky and little wavy hair, you will definitely fall in love with English Setter dog breeds. Thinking of adding a English Setter in the family? Go ahead! You’ll love your decision as they are lively and lovely.

Are English Setter Good Family Dogs?

No doubt English Setters are fantastic family dogs. You won’t regret having the English Setter at your home. They are friendly and affectionate who love human counterparts. They are not the backyard dogs because they are known as escape experts so big and strong fence are a must.

Not Letting My Mommy Sleep.
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Your English Setter needs a lot of exercise and training. They are known to be smart and intelligent which makes training easy. You will be always welcomed by your English Setter waiting on the door and wagging their tails as they love their owners immensely. Living with the English Setter means living a blissful life.

The English Setter’s Temperament

The English Setter are known as the gentleman of the canine world. They are affectionate, calm and loving. The Setter are very protective towards their family and territory. They are aloof of strangers but will welcome them wagging their tails if introduced nicely to them.

While they are happy when they are off-leash outside the yard, on the other hand, they hate being outdoor alone for a long time. The English Setter are happy dogs when they are kept indoor between the family. They are prone to have separation anxiety and will be destructive when left alone for prolonged period.

It is best suited for homes with large fenced area where he can hunt and run. It can also adjust in the apartments with no yard however, the English Setter needs a committed owner who can give them enough time playing, training and taking them to long walks.

Gentle And Affectionate Personality Of The English Setter Dog Breed

English Setter are recognized as one of the most friendly and mild-mannered canine. They are wonderful family pet with gentle vibes and loving nature. The Setters are smart and intelligent. They have the skill of remembering people and things and often greeting someone they don’t know as if they were old friends.

English Setters are sociable dogs who will thrive with people as well as other dogs and pets. They are not aggressive until they are provoked however they will calm down quickly if they are ordered to. Setters are also known as obedient and sensitive dogs. They will become sad if they are treated harshly and won’t listen to your calls until they are treated with love.

Are English Setter Child Friendly?

Yes, English Setter love the company of children as they are active and energetic they like playing and jumping around kids the whole day. They are very protective towards their play-mate.

English Setter Sleeping With A Child.
Resting With My Play-Mate Image Source- Instagram @Vidarhukelarsen

They are very gentle when it comes to children and will perceive around children even if they are feeling bored.

To conclude, start training your pet at an early age as their temperament and personality depends upon the training and raising.

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