One of the great things about Mudi is that it is easy to train and training must be done in a positive way because bad training tactics do not work with this breed.

It is important to train your pets to have a better and reliable companion in the family. Here are easy training methods with strategies which you can apply at home.

When To Start The Training?

Before you begin training your Mudi, it is essential that you build a loving bond with it. It is important as it helps you to understand its needs and instincts and also allows your Mudi to have complete trust in you.

Generally, you can start obedience training to the Mudi when they become 7 to 9 weeks of age, it is because they can be socialized at an early time and can behave well with family members and children. Teach the basic commands like, “come”, “sit”, “go, and ” leave it” at early days.

3 months old Mudi in training.

Where To Start The Training?

Mudi puppies can be trained at home, the day when you bring them. Training Mudis at the home can be fun for both the trainer and your dogs since they are fully acquainted with the environment. Training your pet at home is a lot easier because they will thrive in their own environment where they can be the boss as well as good students.

Mudi Dog Agility Training. Photo Credit- dogtime.

Also, taking your Mudi puppy to puppy kindergarten classes can be the way of giving obedience training from where the socialization takes place. Early socialization helps them to enroll with children, family members and even with strangers as well.

How To Define Tasks For Your Pet?

Alert and intelligent Mudi is a highly trainable herding dog. It is capable of performing almost any task including watchdog duties, hunting, performing in agility and obedience competitions, search and rescue and more.

Defining a task to your pooches can be the hardest part of your training journey. However, you can make this journey interesting by making it fun, short and easy. Give your Mudi pup short commands at a time. And also, don’t pile up everything in just a moment, try one at a time and give them another cue when they master the first one. This could help your Mudi puppy understand what you want them to do.

The Training Process

There are many training processes followed while training the dog, some of the training process applied for Mudi dogs are as follows:

Alpha Dog Training

It is a popular form of training that says Mudi dogs tend to be dominant “alpha dog” or pack leader. In this alpha training, the Mudi pup must know that you are the alpha and should respect you as a leader. Make them realize that they should be submissive while they are with their family but wary of strangers.

Positive Reinforcement

Using positive reinforcement training process, helps the Mudi dog to be motivated and happy. If they get praised followed with treats after obeying your command, then the Mudi dog will get motivated and will thrive on training sessions.

Electronic Training

It is the use of an electric collar that delivers a shock or a spray of citronella when the Mudi dog is not performing the desired task. It is mostly used for training at a distance when a leash cannot be used. For example, it can train a dog stay within the boundaries of an unfenced yard.

Some Strategies And Techniques For Easy Training

  • One of the best strategies to make the dog training easy is, going slowly. Going slow means, not piling up commands on your Mudi dogs. Start with a basic command and make them repeat the same task until they don’t learn it.
  • You should always control the environment while training your Mudi. Since they are known to be quite stubborn and dominant, it is another most important technique you should apply. You should train the Mudi dog like you are the alpha and you are the dominant to keep them attentive.
  • The key to successful training includes strategy like being consistent. Meaning, if you are consistent while training you Mudi do, then it is no use of training them. Apply the same techniques and the training methods should not differ from one person to another. The methods should be the same and the training should be consistent as well.

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