The English Springer Spaniel is a breed of gun dog, which was first recognized by Kennel Club in 1902 and later it was developed in Spaniel family of dogs. It is an affectionate , excitable breed with a typical lifespan of twelve  to fourteen years.

English Springer Spaniel Dog Breeds became increasingly specialized in their roles during hunting.  Before that, Cocker spaniels and Springer spaniels were taken in the same group where the smaller Cocker were used to hunt woodcock while the latter was used in the Flush game.

The good thing about this breed is they are not difficult to explain like other dogs. So, when you are walking with them, they will greet other dogs. If you want a dog who is friendly, intelligent, easy going, likes exercise, quite easy to groom then this is the dog for you. They maintain a reputation for being good companion, intelligent, and energetic.


The English Springer is typically a sociable, quick to learn, and eager to please dog. It gets along with everyone. It is known to select one family member as its favorite and tries to stick with that person. Its alertness and attentiveness make it a good guard dog. English springer spaniel is loyal, loving, and affectinate.

English Spaniels are intelligent dogs who like to feel busy and useful.  They are very patient with kids and enjoys following a scent and picking up an attractive stick. Their coat is relatively easy to groom. 


English Springer Spaniel Dog Breeds are of medium size with an oval shape with long & wide ears hanging close to the cheeks. Their undercoat is soft and dense, while their outer coat is of medium length, either flat or wavy.

The average male Springer Spaniels stands between 19 and 21 inches with a weight of 50 pounds and the female are of  18-20 inches with weight around 40 pounds. It is a breed of compact build, proud and length slightly greater than height.

Colors recognized by AKC are black, white and tan, liver and white, and liver white and tan .This breed are very intelligent and is easy to train.It is strong and energetic dog that requires a good amount of daily physical and mental exercise.This smart,loyal and people-oriented dog can bring delight to any one who is reaady to put the neccesary time and effort into training and caring for them.They are wonderful breed that can aad a note of real joy into your life.