Entlebucher Mountain Dog originated from Switzerland is the smallest of the four tri-colored Swiss Mountain Dogs. The name is derived from the place of the breed’s origin, the valley of the river Entlebuch. They are a herding dog and are highly energetic and devoted to their work. They also develop a strong bond towards their family and thrives for their company.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog stands 17-21 inches at the shoulder and weigh 50-65 pounds. They are well-muscled and strong. As a watchdog, they have a tendency to protect and look after other pets too in the house.

Training Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Entlebucher Mountain Dog is an independent, self-confident dog which makes training hard. They like to be their own leader and do not want to listen to other. One should be experienced and well known of Entlebucher Mountain Dog behavior to make him listen.

When to train Entlebucher Mountain Dog?: The right time to train your Entlebucher Mountain dog is at an early age when he follows you all the time and seeks for your attention. The average age is between 8-10 weeks to train your puppy when his mind is developed enough to soak up the thing that is taught. Start with very basic tasks and slowly move on to advance training when he gets in adulthood which is between 2-3 years.

Where to Train Entlebucher Mountain dog: The Entlebucher Mountain dog can be trained both indoor and outdoor. However, indoor training in a room or on the yard is better as there will be less distraction than outdoors. Do not make the training session long because they might get bored. keep it short and fun.

Agility Training Entlebucher Mountain Dog

How to define the task for your Entlebucher Mountain dog?

For a dog to be able to understand what you are commanding, you need to define a task for them. You should define the task with words and hands or body gesturing. This is how you can communicate with your Entlebucher Mountain dog.

Use words like sit, stand, stay, roll-over and so on while training them. They need to understand what you are commanding them so they can do the work you want. Be specific about the words and do not use different words for the same task as that will only confuse your dog. Try teaching them with a hand gesture, your body language, and even your eye language. If they are trained properly they can even learn your body language.

The Training Process

Training your Entlebucher Mountain dog is a hard job to do but if you are a experienced owner who knows the ways with his dog can have no difficulty in training. Here are some tips and process to train your Entlebucher Mountain Dog and make him a better dog.

Leadership: Entlebucher Mountain dog needs a master who is confident and patient. The owner should establish leadership over him and make him believe that you are the leader and he should follow your command. Be consistent and this way you will establish yourself as a head of the pack.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Training Process
Entlebucher Mountain Dog with his Owner
Image Source: Instagram- @entlebucher_hunter

Form a strong bond: A good, trusting relationship is needed between the Entlebucher Mountain dog and his owner. Spend as much time as he needs with him and know him better. As a dog cannot talk, you need to understand his body language like when he is sad, when he needs to go out and so on. The connection between you and your dog makes the bond stronger.

Positive Reinforcement: Positive methods of training is a must with every dog. While training, reward your Entlebucher Mountain dog with treats and praises after he completes his task. This will encourage them and they will stay focused on the task. Do not use too many treats as it may lead to obesity.

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