Eurasier is a medium-sized loyal and devoted breed of dogs that was originated in Germany in the late 1600s in order to fulfil the need of an adaptable and social dog.

As a playful and agile breed, the Eurasier dogs like to chase and being chased with kids and other dogs.

What are the temperament of Eurasier like?

For most of you having the confusion of what sort of temperament does the Eurasier dogs have. The answer is they are calm, friendly and reliable dogs with fewer chances of being stubborn.

Eurasier dogs playing in a forest.

Eurasier dogs get along with kids very quickly and form a very close bond with them. Not only kids, but they are also very good socializing with other dogs and people.

They thrive on love and affection with their family members, so they’re likely to suffer from anxiety when separated. If properly trained, they can be able to engage themselves in other activities in the mean time.

Personality Traits of Eurasier

The Eurasier have calm, confident and consistent personality. They thrive on affection and love, so they prefer being close to their loved ones and try to please them.

Eurasier dogs are less likely to bark but can bark to alert their owners at the time when some stranger come near to their property. They are neither aggressive nor shy with strangers, they just prefer not to socialize so early.

Are children safe around the Eurasier?

Yes, your children are going to be totally safe around the Eurasier dogs. They form a very close bonding with each other that the dogs are likely to be protective of the kids and act as their guardian at night times.

A little girl with eurasier and other dogs. Image Source: Instagram@luna_eurasierpup

Eurasier is a family-oriented dog breed that has been proving itself as a wonderful family companion for the past decades. Their friendly and calm nature helps them to socialize with other dogs and people easily.

If you are planning to buy a canine for your kids, then you won’t have any better choice than the Eurasier dog. It’s worth the money as you a get even-tempered, loyal and devoted companion for the price.

What is it like to live with an Eurasier?

As the Eurasier is a very sociable and adaptable breed, you’ll not have to face much difficulties living with them. They can adjust even in an apartment if you socialize them from a very early age.

Two girls with Eurasiers. Image Source: [email protected]

Eurasier dogs require regular training. So, you’ll have to make sure that you take your Eurasiers to jog, walks and hiking on a regular basis. You’ll also have to take them to obedience classes which will help them to learn manners.

As your Eurasier reaches its adolescence, they’ll start challenging and dominating you for the authority. So, it is very very important that you make him realize that you are the boss, not him.


So far, Eurasian is a great companion to have if you have kids and want a wonderful mate for them. With little bit of positive reinforcements and socialization, you can make a worthy companion for your family.

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