Estrela Mountain dogs are the large breeds from Portugal also known as the Cao de Serra da Estrela. Because of their size, they have been perfect breed as protectors and guard dogs. Estrela’s size is enough to scare any intruder before approaching the territory. Not only they are guard dogs but Estrela Mountain dogs are a wonderful family companion as well.

The Estrela Mountain dog is an independent dog but is very loving and affectionate to their loved ones. They are very loyal to their families but tend to be stubborn at times. These Mountain dogs are not recommended for novice owners since they can be dominating and may rule the pack.

What Kind Of Temperament Do Estrela Mountain Dogs Have?

The Estrela Mountain dog’s behavior is loyal and affectionate toward its family but the dog is suspicious of strangers and can be extremely defensive of its property.

Estrela Mountain dogs were bred to be guardian dogs, these dogs make excellent guard dogs since they are strong and muscularly built with a fearless temperament. They are very protective of their territory but are calm and not usually aggressive with anybody. These breeds will let you know about something by barking.

Personality Traits of Estrela Mountain dogs

Estrela Mountain dogs are not aggressive breeds but will not hesitate to protect their loved ones. They have such a wonderful personality as they are so loving, kind, gentle and affectionate to everyone. However, they should be properly introduced and socialized to new places and people to avoid suspicious behavior.

Estrela Mountain Dog Enjoying In The Snow.

Estrela Mountain dogs should be taught to respect their masters from an early age since they can become stubborn and may dominate or rule the pack. They are an independent thinker and have a strong mind of their own. Estrela may want to do things on their own and may not always obey your command.

Estrela Mountain Dogs Behavior Around Children

Estrelas are very good with children as they are kind and gentle. Their high energy level makes them an excellent pair with kids since they can play all day long with their playmates. Children who can play with them all day long can be their best friends. Estrela Mountain dogs love learning new tricks and play fetch games. They are never aggressive towards kids but knows how to handle a kid.

Estrela Mountain Dog Guarding Their Playmates. Image Source- Life With Dogs.

How It Feels To Live With Estrela Mountain dogs

Estrela Mountain dogs are a perfect family companion as they are great guard dogs with affectionate and loving personality. Living with Estrela Mountain dogs means living a healthy and active life. These breeds need lots of exercises and training to live happy and healthy both physically and mentally.

Estrela Mountain Dog Enjoying With Its Owner. Image Source- Star Mountain Kennel.

Estrela Mountain dogs are prone to certain health issues dilated cardiomyopathy, elbow, and hip dysplasia. It is necessary for pet parents to take care of these breeds. The health issues can be life-threatening so, taking them to the vet can be their life savior.

What Can Make Your Dog Aggressive?

Estrela Mountain dogs are not aggressive but are suspicious to strangers. If they sense any unusual or threat towards their territory, they will become aggressive. Similarly, Estrela Mountain dogs are aggressive towards other dogs of the same sex.

How Do They Behave Around Strangers?

As a protector, the Estrela Mountain dog barks to notify the family if strangers are approaching. They are wary of strangers but with proper introduction, they can be gentle and well behaved with other people.

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