Mudis have been great sheepherders known for their herding instincts because they are extremely courageous and powerful and can overpower even much bigger animals like wild boar. These dogs have a good disposition and are loyal and protective of their masters.

It is believed that Mudi developed naturally and is the result of a variety of crosses between the Pumi, Puli, and German Spitz style breeds. Mudis are very active dogs so, if you want to add a Mudi in your family then you must know about their temperament and personality.

What kind of Temperament Do Mudi Have?

The Mudi love their family but are quite reserved with strangers but are always calm and even-tempered with everyone. This is usually the case with herding breeds, with a proper introduction and several visits, the dog will readily accept the strangers and become friendly and affectionate with them.
Mudi Dog Waiting For Its Hooman To Give Him Food.

Mudis are known to be soft, gentle and kind. But these breeds are vigorous barkers and will let you know if someone is approaching the territory. Despite their friendly nature, they are also ferocious protectors. They will protect their family and territory to the fullest.

Mudi dog loves their family and thrives on human counterparts instead of staying alone for a long time. They will develop separation anxiety easily and may show their destructive side. Mudis are great diggers so, make sure you don’t leave your pet alone in the back yard for a long time.

Personality Traits Of Mudi

Mudis are extremely intelligent with well-developed personalities because they are multi-talented and good at almost all dog sports. This breed loves to play games like flyball and Frisbee. The agility and strong bodies make them perfect for hunting and herding activities. Mudis are also loyal to their masters and make excellent watch guards.

Mudi Dog Curious About Going Out On A Walk. Image Source- Instagram @griffey_the_mudi.

Mudis are always willing to work and have a strong desire to please their owners. They are alert and curious breeds with a strong sense of smell. Expect your Mudi to follow you wherever you go as they love you and the other members of the family.

Are Mudis child friendly?

Yes, Mudis are child-friendly because they are playful, gentle and curious with children. They are always ready to play which makes them perfect for homes with children of all ages. These breeds are never aggressive about anything with children instead of Mudis entertain their friend with their great sense of humor.

Living With Mudi

Mudi is considered as a friendly and playful dog, especially around people they know and trust, this makes them a great companion in the family. They are vigorous barkers and your house will never be quiet as used to be as they will bark at anything and everything.

Picture of Green Eyed Mudi Dog Ready To Play. Image Source- Instagram @elisademi.

Mudis need daily long walks which also makes the owner live an active life. If not given the proper amount of exercises, then they may become destructive and aggressive to anybody or anything. They are always eager to please their owners, so they are not so stubborn or dominating to their masters.

What Can Make Your Dog Aggressive?

Mudi dogs are not typically aggressive but are usually very alert and in-tune with their surroundings. If a stranger comes towards the territory, you can count on your Mudi barking in alarm. Moreover, you can also expect Mudis to bark at passerby.

How Do They Behave Around Strangers?

Mudi dogs are naturally friendly dogs and are not aggressive to strangers or even other animals. If socialized properly and introduced well, they will welcome their guests as if they know them since years before.

Celebrity Who Owns This Dog

The celebrities who own Mudi dogs are:

  • Ryan Gosling
  • James  Belushi.

These herding dogs are one of the most intelligent breeds on the planet and if you are looking for a dog then Mudi can be your best choice!

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