Training Estrela Mountain dogs are not easy but with patience and stamina, you can train your Estrela Mountain dogs. A trained dog is always a great companion to humans.

So where you start with Estrela Mountain Dog obedience training? You can take a class but its not necessary; you can do it yourself. In fact, with the right attitude, it can be fun for both of you and your dog!

When To Start The Training?

You can start training Estrela Mountain dogs the moment you bring them home with simple and short commands like “sit”, “go”, and stop.

training process of Estrela Mountain dogs
Estrela Mountain puppy looking cute.
Image Source: mistymountainestrelas.

When the puppy reaches the right age of eight weeks old, they should be sent to puppy school and obedience classes to get further formal training.

Where To Start The Training?

Estrela Mountain puppies can be trained at home. It is a matter of fun for both the trainer and dogs when training is done at home. Home with a large yard surrounded by a fence is suitable for the dogs to train easily.

training process of Estrela Mountain dogs
Estrela Mountain dog at house yard.
Image Source: Instagram @estrelamountaindogs

Estrela Mountain dog is a huge breed so they should be sent to obedience classes to make them socialized with new people and places. They were bred to be guard dogs that’s why Estrelas should be given agility training.

How To Define Tasks For Your Pet?

The Estrela Mountain dogs are quite stubborn and should be treated on the basis of positive reinforcement and reward. Don’t threaten the puppies, it will simply refuse your given command.

Video of Estrela Mountain dog learning and training.

You should keep repeating the tasks until your pet understands them and do it on their own. Try to show them examples of how to do given tasks so it could be easier for Estrelas to perform it.

The Training Process

There are some training processes that must be followed while training the dog. Some are given below:

Alpha dog or dominance

According to the theory, Estrela Mountain dogs see their family as their pack and follow the hierarchy like wolves. Generally, with Alpha training, you won’t allow the dog on furniture with you, including the bed. You can’t think from your dog’s eye level, meaning, you are dominant and you are the alpha.

Dominance training can curb unwanted behaviors so modern dog trainers often find it antiquated. It can not address the underlying causes of bad behavior and leave Estrela Mountain dogs feeling anxious or fearful. The chances of dominance struggle become constant and need consistent reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement

Bad behavior does not get a reward and if punishment is made, it comes in the form of removal of rewards like a toy or treat is taken away from the dogs. Only good behaviors get rewards, which can include treats, toys, and praise.

Everyone in the house needs to use the same commands and reward system. Give rewards every time your Estrela Mountain dog does the right thing. It makes easy to understand each and every behavior of a dog.

Scientific training

The scientific training is used to understand dogs’ nature, their ability to be conditioned and the effectiveness of rewards. Scientific dog training can be difficult to define. Trainers rely on studies and experiments to work with Estrela Mountain dogs.

Scientific training depends on research but establishing new methods based on research may not be appropriate for everyone. It’s a good idea for Estrela Mountain dog owners to be informed and pay attention to new research when it becomes available.

Strategies And Techniques For Easy Training

It is difficult to train any dogs and Estrela Mountain dogs are those dogs which should be trained with proper guidelines. Some of the techniques of training are as follows:

Don’t punish the dogs

When training your Estrela Mountain dog, don’t get angry and try to beat or shout at it. This can make your dog aggressive and rebellious as well as aggressive. And that is not the type of dog that you want to have at home.

Punishment is defined as anything that diminishes behavior. So this does not necessarily mean harsh punishment of Estrela Mountain dogs, but also include what most traditional trainers refer to as corrections.

Try with the basic command

First and foremost, you should teach the Estrela Mountain dogs the most basic commands that you are likely to use every day.

You should make a habit of using the same set of commands around the house. Using different commands by different people can cause confusion to the Estrela Mountain dogs.

Socializating the dogs and make training the habit

Early socialization is essential so that the Estrela Mountain dogs can learn how to behave with everybody in the family as well as other pets and it also makes a sound environment in the family.

The training should be made a habit so that the dogs can learn everything on a daily basis. Training your Estrela Mountain dogs once in a week does not make sense because they may forget the commands.

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