The Finnish Lapphund was originated in Finland as a reindeer hunter and they were excellent at their job. They are a medium-sized dog breed but due to their thick coat, they appear to be larger. They are very active dogs that are best suited in a family that is involved in good activities regularly which they can provide to their dog too.

Despite their small appearance, Finnish Lapphund is a very brave and courageous dog. They are easy-going and loving with the family but it is not for a novice dog owner. They need an experienced dog owner who knows their temperament and to handle them well.

Temperament of the Finnish Lapphund

The temperament of the Finnish Lapphund is alert, intelligent, active and loving. Their sweet smiling facial expression resembles an adorable teddy bear. They make an excellent watchdog due to their tendency to bark at unusual and unfamiliar things. They are calm and loving with their people and thrive in their company.

Finnish Lapphund needs a lot of physical activities on a regular basis. If they do not get enough exercise, they tend to become destructive and anxious. They will start digging, scratching stuff if they get bored. Therefore, it is necessary to take them out for proper physical exercise to keep them happy and content.

Finnish Lapphund running on the field
Finnish Lapphund running on the field.
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Personality of the Finnish Lapphund

The personality of the Finnish Lapphund is keen, friendly, calm, and faithful. They are a very alert and smart dog that will sound an alarm if there is something unusual going on in the surround.

Therefore, they make a great watchdog but not a guard dog as they are sociable and will lick an unknown person if they pet them. They are a faithful dog that loves to keep their family close to them.

Training Finnish Lapphund is not a difficult task to do if you are an experienced dog owner. They need a fiem and consistent leader that can train them with patience. Use a positive method of training by rewarding them with delicious treats and lots of vocal praises. Start with basic obedience training and slowly move to advance.

Is Finnish Lapphund is Child-Friendly?

Finnish Lapphund is a friendly dog that gets along with children very well. They are playful with kids which makes them an excellent play partner. They are gentle with kids and are loving towards them.

Although close supervision from an elder person at home is necessary to avoid any kind of accidents.

Finnish Lapphund and a baby cuddling
Finnish Lapphund and a baby cuddling.
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What Makes Finnish Lapphund Aggressive?

Finnish Lapphund is not an aggressive dog breed in general. They are a gentle and loving dog breed which is not likely to get aggressive with its family or other people unless there is some serious threat. Their aggression also depends on the kind of environment that they are raised in.

How Does Finnish Lapphund Behave Around Strangers?

Finnish Lapphund is wary of strangers and will bark at them if they see one on their territory. Although they tend to become friendly with them if they are introduced properly by their master. They need to be socialized with a variety of people at an early age so they are not timid around strangers.

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