The Finnish Spitz is a medium-sized dog breed that was originally bred to hunt squirrels, rodents, and even bears. It resembles the fox with pointed muzzle, reddish-brown coat, and bushy tail but is a very friendly dog breed that does great as a family companion for active members.

Although the Finnish Spitz looks small, it is a fearless hunting dog that has a great scenting ability. After finding the quarry, it will bark and warn their owner from which it has got the name ‘the Barking Dog’. Any novice dog owner will not be able to handle this dog, so it needs an experienced dog owner.

Temperament of the Finnish Spitz

The temperament of the Finnish Spitz is lively, alert, and friendly. They are a lively and playful dog that makes an excellent companion and partner for an active family. They are also alert of the activities in the surroundings and will sound an alarm if they sense anything unusual. Therefore, Finnish Spitz makes an excellent watchdog that will look after your family and your properties.

The Finnish Spitz needs a lot of physical exercises and mental stimulation. They thrive when they have a job to do and when they do not have anything to do, they get bored and can become destructive. They do great with family and family pets but can be scrappy towards other dogs.

Finnish Spitz takes pride in their barking and will bark a lot which cannot be trained out of them.

Finnish Spitz playing on the snow
Finnish Spitz playing on the snow.
Image Source: American Kennel Club

Personality of the Finnish Spitz

The personality of the Finnish Spitz is curious, independent, and somewhat stubborn. They are a very curious dog that will start digging and searching here and there making a mess. Their independent nature might strike sometime which makes it hard to control them. Therefore, strong leadership should be developed on them from their very early age.

Training Finnish Spitz needs an experienced dog owner who can train them with patience. They need a trainer that can provide them a consistent training. Use a positive method of training as they tend to respond to it very well. Reward them with delicious treats and lots of vocal praises as a source of motivation.

Is Finnish Spitz Child-Friendly?

Yes, Finnish Spitz is a child-friendly dog who is loving of children and are very playful towards them. They adore kids at homes but with unfamiliar kids, they need to be properly introduced.

Always supervise their interaction with kids so there is no harsh behavior from either party.

A girl and Finnish Spitz sitting
A girl and Finnish Spitz sitting.
Image Source: Instagram-@inugami_finnish.spitz

What Makes Finnish Spitz Aggressive?

Finnish Spitz is not an aggressive dog breed with its family. Although their aggression can be seen when there is a presence of another unknown dog in. They are also aggressive when they are hunting but with their people, they are very loving and gentle.

How Does Finnish Spitz Behave Around Strangers?

Finnish Spitz is suspicious of strangers and since they love to bark, they will warn you with a loud bark of someone’s presence. A proper introduction is needed for them to become friends with strangers. Socialization with a variety of people is very necessary from their puppyhood.

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