Dalmatian is an adorable and beautiful spotted, medium-sized dog. Many people know this lovely breed from the movie named ‘101 Dalamtians’. It has a loving, friendly, energetic and gentle temperament that is suited for a family wanting a companion.

This attractive spotted Dalmation is very popular in crossbreeding programs due to its signature coat pattern. This pattern on other pure dog breeds enhances beauty.

Here is the list of dog breeds with their temperament that is mixed with the Dalmatian:

  • Goldmatian
  • Dalcorgi
  • Bassamatian
  • Bodacian
  • Pitmatian
  • Dalmador

Goldmatian (Golden Retriever and Dalmatian)

The blend of the two beautiful, medium-sized Dalmatian and Golden Retriever results in Goldmatian. It is a lovely dog with great temperament that is obtained from its loyal, friendly Golden retriever and gentle, dignified Dalmatian. It is an excellent choice for a hardworking and loving family.

The Golden Retriever was bred to retrieve and Dalmation was bred to work Therefore, the combination of this two in a Goldmatian makes it very hard to handle for someone who lives in an apartment.

Goldmatian Puppy
Golden Retriever and Dalmatian mix.
Image Source:Twitter

Dalcorgi (Corgi and Dalmatian)

The Dalcorgi is a mix of the beautiful Corgi (also known as Queen’s Corgi) with Dalmatian. It will be a medium-sized dog breed with spots on the coat and possibly with the stumpy body. With Dalmatian athletic build and the Corgi agile body, daily exercise should be provided to keep Dalcorgi happy and content.

Bassamatian (Basset Hound and Dalmatian)

Bassamatian is a beautiful combination of the small-sized Basset Hound with the Dalmatian. They are an adorable dog with a charming personality that every owner wish in a dog. They are an intelligent dog breed and should be engaged with activities otherwise, they tend to get destructive.

Basset Hound and Dalmatian mix.
Image Source: Slice

Bodacian (Border Collie and Dalmatian)

The blend of these two elegant breeds: Border Collie and Dalmatian make a great pet for a family. It is a very active dog breed that needs a yard where it can perform its regular physical exercise. It is loving, gentle, hardworking, and protective of kids which makes them an excellent family companion.

Dalcorgi Dog
Dalmatian and Corgi mix.
Image Source: WorldXBiz

Pitmatian (Pitbull and Dalmatian)

The sweet and adorable Pitmatian is the mix of Pitbull and Dalmatian. If you are looking for a loyal and smart dog with a strong guarding instinct. They make an excellent family companion for a loving and very active people.

Pit Bull and Dalmatian Mix.
Image Source: Reddit

Dalmador (Labrador and Dalmatian)

Dalmador is the mix of the most popular dog breed Labrador Retriever and Dalmatian. Dalmador is a beautiful medium-sized dog with an attractive spotted coat of Dalmatian in a short and beautiful coat of Labrador. The temperament of them is very loyal, active, playful, devoted, and extremely loving.

Dalmatian and Labrador mix.
Image PetGuide

Other Mixed Dog Breed With Dalmatian

  • Dalmachshund (Dachshund and Dalmatian Mix)
  • Dalusky (Siberian Husky and Dalmatian Mix)
  • Dalmoodle (Poodle and Dalmatian Mix)
  • Jack Russell Dalmatian (Jack Russell Terrier and Dalmatian Mix)
  • Australian Shepherd and Dalmatian Mix
  • Bullmatian (Bulldog and Dalmatian)
  • Beaglematian (Beagle and Dalmatian Mix)


The max of Dalmatian with other dog breeds results in a beautiful designer breed with a great temperament. You can choose the best among all the mixes that suit your personality.

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