From short to long, puffy to curly, they are all different. You might know that your four-legged pal wag their tails because they are happy. But, is that the only reason?

We know that the dog’s tail is only one way to communicate. But do you know that their tail can convey other messages too?

1. Direction of Wagging Means Something

If you notice your dog wag his tail not only in the same way. When observing carefully, it sometimes wagges from right to left or from left to right. As we all know, left brain controls the right part of the body, and right brain controls the left part of the body.

Similarly, right wagging indicates happiness and means they are approachable whereas left wagging means anxiety or fear. When wagged left, it should be approached with caution.

2. Tail Chasing Could Be A Problem

We find it funny when we see our dog chasing its tail. But is he doing just or entertain us or is there anything serious he’s going through?

Vet Taking About The Causes Of Tail Chasing in Dogs.

Yes! he’s having some issues. The reality is that it is an indication of a deeper problem of OCD which means Obsessive Compulsion Disorder and needs to be treated as soon as possible.

3. Their Tail Helps Them To Spread Scent

A dog’s tail helps them to spread smell. As alpha dogs hold their tail high enough to spread scent from their anal glands. Whereas scared dogs hold their tails between their legs to cover the glands. The swoosh of the tail helps them to spread their scent in the air.

4. Wagging Is a Learned Skill

Your dog won’t wag its tail until they are more than a month old, as far as you’ve noticed. It is a learned skill to communicate with their mother and siblings.

5. Means of Communication

Tail wagging is the only means of communication to communicate with your furry friend. However, a broad swishing is indicated as friendly and unchallenging, where as a slight swish means, ‘wait and see’.

A slow wag of a tail is taken as neutral neither excited nor anxious. But a high sitting tail making rapid back and forth motion can be taken as a threat.

Tail Wagging Tell Us About The Dogs Mood.

6. It’s a Balancing Act

More than communication, your pooch’s tail also helps to maintain the body balance. As per the animal experts, the tail is evolved as the way to help dogs keep when walking through the narrow paths.

7. Marking Their Territory

Alpha male dogs use their tails to mark their territory. Being able to hold their tail high, they are able to spread their scents through the anal gland. At the same time, if your dog sense something threatening then he will tuck his tail between his legs to avoid scent.

So these were some amazing facts about the dogs tail you probably didn’t know about it.

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