Many dogs are born guard dogs in which German Shepherds are no strangers. They are alert and cautious guard dogs who will fight if they sense something unusual. However, training your pup at an early age always makes a wonderful companion in the house.

The one thing about German Shepherd is that, they should not be trained as a guard dog until they’ve finished the socialization training and when they are not stable and clear-headed.

When To Start German Shepherd’s Training?

What is the right age you can train your Pup? You can train your GSD puppy the moment you bring them home. They are born learners and can learn commands like, “sit”, “down”, and “stay” at the age of 5 to 6 months old.

The formal training of GSD is delayed until they are 6 months old. This stage of their age is very poor to start the training. During the juvenile age, the dog is beginning to catch up the adult behavioral patterns.

German Shepherd Puppy Running In The Field.
GSD In The Field playing with a toy.
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When the German Shepherd puppy reaches the age of 7 or 8 weeks, you will need to be more gentle and reinforce them with treats during their training sessions. Use food treats to attract the dog’s attention.

Where To Start The German Shepherd’s Puppy Training?

The best place to start the German Shepherd puppy training is your home. It all starts in your home and with you. Until they reach the right age to get formal training, your home is the best place for a GSD puppy to get trained.

However, your puppy trainer would take them to the dog parks or at your home if it has a big back yard. Training in a large area makes your trainer easy to train since they can train and play games like Frisbee, balls and fetch games when bored.

Puppy Pre-School

Taking your GSD pup to puppy kindergarten and enrolling them to obedience classes could help you the most. They would learn quickly and would get easily socialize with other dogs and other animals.

How To Define Task For Your GSD?

Defining any tasks to your pet can be the hardest thing for you. It could be difficult for you to train your German Shepherds as they are big, strong and tough.

Although German Shepherds are known as the most intelligent breeds, it, however, makes difficult for you to give commands as they will acquire stubbornness at times and will become an ‘alpha’ dogs.

German Shepherd Following The Sit Command
Making German Shepherd Sit.
Image Source: German Shepherd Country

You should make them understand by showing them the demo to make them understand it more clearly. Like, when you command them ‘sit’ hold a hand out and say ‘Sit’. Repeat it several times until your dog does it on his own. Do it with every command and reinforce them with treats and love.

The Training Process

There are few dog training process, and you must go through each of the phases in order to make your pet well trained dogs.

1. Alpha Dog Or Dominance

Alpha dog or dominance relies on the instinctual pack mentality on creating a relationship of appropriate submission and dominance. The German Shepherds see their family as a pack and follow social hierarchy like wolves in packs.

When the dogs start to look them as an alpha they need to learn to respect the owners as the alpha. Some methods used in this process are, dog body language, entering or leaving rooms, projecting confidence.

Generally with alpha training, you cannot allow your German Shepherd to your bed with you, also don’t get down to your dog’s eye level as you are the alpha and you are the dominant.

2. Positive Reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement is the most popular method used by trainers. Dogs reply on good behavior also when it is followed by a reward. They won’t follow your commands if treated harshly or get punished.

German Shepherd And Its Owner.
German Shepherd Getting Positive Reinforcement. Image Source: DogAppy

Positive reinforcement should be consistent. However, every person in your house should follow the same process.

3. Relationship Based Training

Relationship-based training is the most important part of your dog’s training session. It is both important for you as well as for your German Shepherd. This method is about building a relationship between the dog, trainer and the owner.

German Shepherd Sitting With Its Owner.
German Shepherd With Its Owner. Image Source: Globe Gatzee.

Relationship-based methods combine different methods but focus more on the individualized approach between the dog and the owner. The owner must know about the body language of the dog, what rewards make them thrive on their training session. It helps them to socialize with their new owner as well as with an intruder.

These were some major training process to give your pet.

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