We all might not know that our dogs can drink coconut water and coconut meat itself. Coconut meat is just as healthy as coconut water. Your dogs can eat coconut because they are non-toxic but it does contain medium chain trigelycerids, which may cause some bloating and gastrointestinal problems.

The benefits of your dog eating coconut and water weighs more than the risks. So, say ‘Hello’ to coconut! Here are some health benefits and nutrients your dog will get from the coconuts.

1. Decreases Inflammation

Coconut meat is high in lauric acid, which is particularly good at fighting off viruses such as influenza. It also helps to treat infections, ringworm, and giardia. It also holds the property of anti-inflammatory which helps to increase the speed of healing cuts, hot spots and other wounds.

Inflammation is also one of the main cause of arthritis, so feeding coconut can help you dog get relief from his aching joints. Make sure to remove the shell before giving it to your pet as it leads to intestinal irritation and possible blockage.

2. Helps Boost The Immune System

Lauric acid is not only regarded as the anti-inflammatory properties but also known as the antimicrobial benefits. This means coconut provides the body with an extra defense against bad bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi.

Along with its inflammation properties, it is a great snack for a dog who is feeling little low or in a healing process as it helps to boost the immune system.

Dogs Can Eat Coconuts.
A German Shepherd playing with coconut. Dogs Like Eating Coconuts. Image Source: Dogster

3. Improve Coat And Skin Conditions

Giving coconut and coconut water can help improve your pooch’s skin conditions as it fights with the bacteria, keeps away the fungi and parasites away.

The anti-inflammatory properties will help reduce any yeast infections, flea allergies, dry, and itchy skin. The fatty acids promotes a soft and healthy coat.

Here are some more benefits about feeding coconut meat to your dogs.

  • Form red blood cells in the body.
  • Improve odor.
  • Reduce bad breath.
  • Balance insulin and thyroid level.

How about Coconut Water? What are the benefits?

If you don’t like the idea of giving the coconut meat to your furry friend, then you can replace coconut water instead of coconut meat.

The coconut water contains a lot of magnesium, zinc, calcium, and iron. They can get a lot of energy from the coconut water. The best way to give your dogs coconut water is to use it as a treat or reward.

It is very helpful in balancing electrolytes and to keep them healthy. It will be helpful for your pet when they have a GI problem that is causing them to have trouble retaining water and nutrients.

Boxer Loves Drinking Coconut Water.

Benefits of Coconut Water For Your Pet

  • It is totally natural drink, free of fat and low in calories.
  • It is an excellent moisturizer due to its high electrolyte content.

Nutrients Your Dog Gets From Coconut Water 

⦁ Potassium
⦁ Calcium
⦁ Magnesium
⦁ Zinc
⦁ Selenium
⦁ Iodine
⦁ Sulphur
⦁ Vitamin B and C

All in all, you should always consider the food you give them. The health of your pet depends on the food you give them. Research about the food brands as well as consult the vet on how much you should feed your pet.

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