Griffon Nivernais is the dog breed originating from France originally bred as a hunting dog. They are very courageous dogs with a great sense of smell and hunting ability. They are preferred to be raised in a rural area rather than the city areas.

Griffon Nivernais’ diets and nutrition should be taken seriously and should be fed in a limited quantity. improper diets can lead to obesity which may again lead to bigger health problems. This article will help you with the proper diet structure of Griffon Nivernais.



Protein is one of the most important diets for Griffon Nivernais. The food that your Griffon Nivernias intake must have 25% of protein content. They are essential for the growth of tissues and the development of muscles. As they are working dogs they need high-quality food which is very rich in protein.


Fats are important in Griffon Nivernas as they are very active dogs as they exercise and run a lot. The maximum energy in Griffon Nivernais comes from food containing digestive fats. The food containing fat gives the dog the feeling of fullness and keeps them energized and keeps them going throughout the day.


Water content in dogs contributes as a digestive aid, carries out the important nutrients, and helps to absorb those nutrients. When there is less water consumption it may lead to organs failure in dogs eventually leading them to death.

How Much To Feed Your Griffon Nivernais?

Generally, your adult Griffon Nivernais should be fed two meals a day. When in the puppy phase or the developing phase they are very energetic, for which four meals a day should be fed. As they keep growing, their meal should be reduced to 3 meals a day and finally, in the adult years, they should only be fed 2 meals a day.

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Two meals a day with high proteins and little fat is mandatory for your Griffon Nivernais. Apart from the meal they should also be given treats from time to time during their training period. They should not be overfed as it may lead to obesity. If you feel your dog getting fat reduce the quantity of food and keep on following the same quantity of food to feed them.

Dog Food For Griffon Nivernais

Commercial dog foods that contain high-protein and required nutrients for the growth and development of the Griffon Nivernais are important. Some of the commercial dog foods good for your Griffon Nivernais are listed below:

  • Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Dog Food
  • Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food Healthy Mobility
  • Croquettes Royal Chain
  • Purina Pro Plan the Best Of All

Supplements For Griffon Nivernais

Sometimes the nutrients from the foods may not be enough for your Griffon Nivernais, they may require additional nutrients and vitamins for their growth. The required nutrients can be fulfilled when supplements are taken. Some of the supplements recommended for your dog are:

  • Glucosamine
  • Fish Oil
  • Antioxidants
  • Probiotics

Human Food Griffon Nivernais Can Eat

Some of the human foods that are healthy and help in the growth of your dogs are listed below:

  • Chicken
  • Egg
  • Ham
  • Yoghurt
  • Cheese
  • Broccoli
  • Salmon
  • Carrot, Raddish

Human Foods Griffon Nivernais Cannot Eat

  • Foods containing sugar
  • Avacado
  • Raisins
  • Grapes
  • Onions

Why Is Your Griffon Nivernais Not Eating?

The reason behind your dog not eating may be due to two particular reasons; one is behavioural reasons and another is medical reasons.

Behavioural Reasons

  • The taste of the food may not be suitable for your dog. Try changing the food you feed.
  • Change in the surrounding near them.
  • The new member added to the family may be a human being or a dog friend may also affect the eating of your dog.
  • Griffon Nivernais is a dog breed that needs to be around its owner all of the time, they may not eat when their owners are not around them.

Medical Reason

  • Mild Stomachaches.
  • Your dog may have swallowed something unhealthy.
  • Dental Problem
  • Stress and Depression
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Parasites
  • Recent Vaccines

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