A strong relationship with your dog is a very important and crucial part of the training. Training only through equipment and command is not a good training method, building a good relationship and communicating with your dog is an equally important part of the training.

Like we human beings, dogs not only follow their instincts but do understand things and have emotions the same as us which has been proved scientifically. Relationship-based training with your dog is a mutual benefit training that strives to meet the need of both the trainer and the dog.

Building a Relationship With Your Dog

One of the most effective ways to strengthen your bond with your dog is to treat and raise them like your own child. At first, you should teach your dog basic etiquette. You should not always enforce your command on your dog.

When they become stubborn and do not follow your command, you should find the reason behind their behaviour and try to understand them.

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The basic thing you need to follow while building a good relationship with your dog is as below:

  • You should be able to study the body language of your dog.
  • You should use rewards and not punish your dog.
  • The training sessions should be kept short.
  • You should be consistent and patient while training your dog.

Relationship-based Training: Puppy Stage

The relationship-based training should be started from the puppy stage. When in the puppy stage the relationship goal between you and your dog should be building the trust of puppies to follow you and introduce yourself as their leader.

You should teach your puppy that every small or big behaviour they show should be approved by you and they can’t do anything on their own. The puppies are unknown to their surroundings and may do activities that are not right.

You should always correct such behaviour and show a strong command to your dog. By doing so, your puppy will see you as a leader and will try not to go against you and defy you.

Relationship-based Training: Adolescence Stage

The adolescence stage in dogs is similar to that of children during their teenage. The dogs show tantrums and may not want to follow your command and do everything on their own. During this period you should be consistent while training your dog.

Showing consistency to your dog will make him think that you are sticking to your decision and it is unchanging. This will make your dog show consistent behaviour. Train your dog to follow routine behaviour.

Relationship-based Training: Adult Stage

The adult dog stage is the stage where you expand and strengthen your bond with your dog. The more you get involved with your dog through physical training, the more your bond with your dog becomes stronger. During the adult stage, you should train your dog with more physical activities and add a level more like making them play games.

Relationship-based training is one of the most effective methods of training which is beneficial for both the dog and the dog owner.

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