Harrier is a medium-sized dog that is well proportionate with a short, hard. and a glossy coat. It has a very similar appearance to the English Foxhound and looks smaller versions of it. It is a hunting dog that was developed to hunt hare. Therefore, they are a highly energetic dog that needs an active family and a house with a yard where they can perform their regular activities.

This hound has a broad head with big, floppy ears, and dark eyes. Their body is sturdy and muscular with strong legs and long tail. They make an excellent companion for all aged people as long as they are loving and active.

Temperament of Harrier

The temperament of Harrier is active, loving, and playful. They are a very energetic and playful dog that makes a great companion for runners, joggers, or an athletic person. They are outgoing, happy dog that is also friendly with people. Harrier is also friendly with other dogs and gets along with them pretty well, but with small animals, they might have a hunting instinct.

Harrier, as an outgoing dog, needs to be taken out in a dog’s park or for hiking, running or jogging to keep them happy and content. If they are provided enough activities to do, they tend to get destructive and anxious. They thrive on the company of family and loves to spend most of their time with them. Therefore, do not leave them on their own for a long period of time because they might get separation anxiety.

Harrier on a ride
Harrier on a bicycle ride.
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Personality of Harrie

The personality of the Harrier is friendly, people-oriented, and spirited. They are usually seen in a pack and does not like to be alone. Therefore, they are mostly seen with people and other dogs playing with them. Since they are a scenthound, they tend to follow some interesting scent that their nose catches. So, keep them in a fenced yard or keep them on a leash.

Training Harrier is not a difficult task to do as long as you are gentle, patient, and consistent with them. They tend to respond well to a positive method of training, so reward them with delicious treats and lots of vocals praises. Do not be harsh on them or use force hand on them as it might only make them scared and training becomes hard.

Is Harrier Child-Friendly?

Harrier gets along with children very well as they are loving, playful, and enjoy being with kids. With its friendly depositing, children love being around this dog. They both make a great play partner for each other.

Despite their friendly behavior, they need to be supervised always as kids might play harsh sometimes which your Harrier may not tolerate. Teach your kids to approach your dog gently.

A baby with Harrier and Old English Sheepdog
A baby with Harrier and Old English Sheepdog.
Image Source: Instagram-@crayolita79

What Makes Harrier Aggressive?

Harrier is not at all an aggressive dog breed. They are, in fact, very sweet, loving, and calm dog breeds. Although they can show little aggression while on field hunting, they are very sweet at home and with other people as well.

Their aggression also depends on the way you have raised them. If they are raised in a harsh environment, they can become aggressive.

How Does Harrier Behave Around Strangers?

Harrier will bark at some unfamiliar person to let you know about their presence. Although they do not make a great guard dog, they make a good watchdog. Early socialization with different people is necessary and proper training is required.

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