Barbet is a medium-sized dog originated in French. They were bred as a working dog that is mostly known for its skill to retrieve in water. It has a woolly body that is covered with a curly, thick, and dense coat where the coat is usually black or brown in color.

Barbet is a very active dog breed and a versatile working dog that is not suited to an inexperienced family or inactive members only. They need a leader that knows their temperament and can meet their energy level. Training is needed for every dog, so here in this article, you can learn about the things you should keep in mind while training your dog.

When To Start The Training?

Barbet is a smart dog breed, so training them will not be difficult if you are an experienced dog owner. The best time for training your dog is when it is at the age of 7-8 weeks. At this age, they are quick to learn things as they are very eager to please their people. They will follow you around everywhere and are very energetic at puppyhood, so this is the best time to start training them.

Start from basic obedience training like sit, come, eat, etc. As they master the basic obedience training, enroll them in advance training. Advance or agility training should be started as they master the basic, which is at 6-8 months old.

Where To Start The Training?

The training place depends on what you are teaching your Barbet. If you are giving it basic training, you can train them at home, in a room or in the yard. If you are providing them with advance or agility training, a park or ann open space is best. Their training place needs to be big enough for them to roam or play around.

How To Define Task For Barbet?

Determining a task to your dog should be done very carefully. One word and hand gesture is the best way to define the task for your dog. Use words like come, eat, sit, stop, no, etc for that particular job. Barbets are smart and quick at catching and learning new commands.

For a specific task using a specific word like sit to make it sit, up or stand to make it stand will help them learn faster. The hand gesture is also very important while training your dog. Gesturing with hand along with the word is a more effective way of training your Barbet.
Training Barbet.

You can wave your hand up with the word “up” to make your dog understand you are commanding it to stand. Likewise, you can invent your own hand gesture that makes it easier for your dog to understand.

The Training Process

Barbet can be trained well if you can establish a firm and consistent leadership upon them. They are quick at learning new tricks and instructions if trained properly. Here are some of the methods that might help you in training your dog.

Leadership: This is the most important part of training your dog. Without developing leadership upon your dog, you will not be able to train him properly. Like we humans consider our parents as our pack leader, your dog also needs to see you as a pack leader and then only it will follow your lead.

Barbet Dog Training on the field
Barbet Dog Training on the field.
Image Source: Tree Beard Barbets

Positive Reinforcement: The positive method of training is the best method of training your dog. Rewarding them with treats after the successful completion of a certain task will encourage them more. However, treat reward should only be done at the beginning of training as too much will make hem obese. So, vocal praises like ‘good dog’, ‘well done can be used with a gentle pat on the back.

Socialization: Socialization is another important part of the training. It should be started from a very early age so they are not shy or aggressive around strangers or other dogs. Expose them to a variety of people and also with other pets. Take them to a park or in a place with people and other dogs. Although they need to be taken to such places on a leash, so they do not run around with other dogs.

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