Italian Greyhound, known by its grace and elegance have a slender body. They stand 13-15 inches at shoulders and weigh between 8-15lb. They have distinguishing long, fine bone legs features.

Italian Greyhound’s chest is deep with a long neck and a small head with long, pointed face. Their stomach is tucked up. They have short coat that comes in various colors: black, blue, white, chocolate and fawn which does not need often grooming.

Fragile Temperament Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound’s slim build and short coat makes them fragile. They are smart but sometime forget the fact that they are slim with thin legs. They like to run, play and jump which can lead to injuring themselves with broken legs and bruises. While letting them play, they should be observed closely.

They are more of a lap dog or cuddling buddy and have personality like cats, they want to cuddle on your lap. An Italian Greyhound expert said that, ‘‘the breed would much rather be in your lap or bed than on the floor”.

Sweet and sensitive, Italian Greyhound wants to be with you always snuggling. They know what they are doing and are loving, gentle and devoted with their people.  They are good with people and pets but it is best not to get them involved with big dogs.

If you are looking for a sweet, loving and someone who can snuggle upon on a couch with you, the Italian Greyhound is definitely for you.

Italian Greyhounds are very fond of running and chasing moving objects. If they see any moving object, they began to chase them in a top speed (40 km per hour)! So, if they get loose, they won’t be easy to catch.

Gentle and Active Personality Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound is highly intelligent. They want their own comfort and slip under your lap most of the time. They love to snuggle on the couch as well as play outdoors. They are happier if you take them to a park once a week and you don’t have to play with them as they become busy chasing things and running.

Gentle and Sensitive Italian Greyhound prefers quiet place and soft petting. Due to their short coat, they are prone to cold in winter season. So, sweater is must.

Elegant Looking Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhounds are active and always look for opportunities to run. They should not be left off leash as they might hurt themselves while running with those thin bone legs. In fact, you can take them to walk regularly as a part of their exercise.

When it comes to health, the Italian Greyhound is prone to minor health conditions like factures of legs, epilepsy, and Progressive retinal atrophy. Time to time check-up is necessary. They are also prone to the dental problem, which can be which can be avoided with good dental care.

Is Italian Greyhound Child Friendly?

Italian Greyhound can be great with the families and children but take their delicateness into consideration if there are children in the family. Elders should always supervise young children as they can be naughty and tough to control by nature so they might harm the dog.

Italian greyhound playing with kids

How Do They Behave Around Strangers?

The Italian Greyhound makes a good guard dog as they tend to bark at a strange sound and unfamiliar people and animals. However, they are not truly reliable as they aloof strangers and get scared by their presence.

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