The yellow fruit is the human’s best choice among fruits. But can Dog’s eat bananas? The simple answer is Yes! Your dog may like that munchy treat but have you ever wondered if is it healthy for your pet?

Bananas are a good source of potassium, manganese, and full of beneficial vitamins. Like many other things, your dog may like this chewy fruit. They can surely have them but only as a treat but not in a regular basis. Let’s find out why?

Why Bananas Are Good For Dog?

First thing is, they are high in fiber which is great for digestion and can remedy gastrointestinal problems. Bananas are a natural source of vitamins, potassium and contain magnesium too, which automatically promotes growth and aids in the dog body.

Dogs And Bananas.
Dogs Love Bananas. Image Source: Dognutrition.

Unlike good, there are also bad things about your dog eating bananas.

Why Bananas Are Bad For Your Dog?

Sugar can be problematic for the dogs which lead to obesity and diabetes. It is good only if you’re giving them as a treat and not on the regular basis. As it is said, less is better than more. If you are giving your furry pet too many bananas on the same day, it may lead them to constipation.

If your dog eats too many bananas, observe your dog’s behavior closely. In case you found any symptoms like diarrhea, constipation or vomiting, immediately consult your vet. Same in the case of giving coconut water to your dogs.

How Much Banana Is Safe For Dogs?

Only a small pieces of two or three bananas are good for your dog in a week. Make sure you give them small loaf so that they can digest it easily. You can also try giving them mashing up in their food.

Banana Pieces.
Pieces of Bananas To Give Your Dog. Image Source: cruisewhat.

You can consult your vet about feeding bananas to your pup. Your vet can answer them more appropriately according to your furry friend’s size, age and weight.
Now moving on, can your dog eat banana peels? or is it right to give your dog a banana peel? The answer is straight NO! You cannot let your dog have banana peels. If you are wondering why? Below are some reasons why the peel is dangerous for dogs.

Why Banana Peels Are Bad For Dog’s?

Obviously eating peels disturb our digestive system. It does the same to our dogs too. The peels aren’t toxic, but they are hard to digest. There is a high risk that your dog might get allergic. If you see any signs of allergic reactions, swelling, sneezing, difficulty in breathing then you should immediately consult your vet.

Why Banana Peels Are Bad For Dogs?

So, make sure you give your dog the right amount of bananas. Not only bananas but every kind of good things can be dangerous and harmful for your dog’s health if given in an excess amount. Dog’s are human’s only best friend who is always loyal and friendly in any manner. So, to take care of your best friend is our job.

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