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Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed Information

Jack Russel Are Very Happy Dogs

The Jack Russel Terrier is a small sized dog breed with a confident personlity. The breed is well suited for active families, they thrives on being outdoors and requires plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

The Russel Terrier was originally bred for hunting. They are a very popular breed but despite their popularity, the AKC has not recognized it as a breed as it is a strain of working terrier.

Origin & History Of Russel Terrier

The Russel Terrier also is known as Jack Russel Terrier. The breed got its name from the Reverend John Russel, the man who bred one of the finest strains of terriers for working fox in England. The Russel terrier was originally bred for hunting.

The American Russel Terrier Club was established in 1995. In 2003, the Parson Russel Terrier Association of America changed the name from Jack Russel Terrier to the Parson Russel Terrier

The AKC recognized the Russel Terrier in 2012, it did not officially recognize this breed as Jack Russel terrier, only as Parson Russel Terrier and Russel Terrier.

Are They Child- Friendly?

Generally, Jack Russel is family-oriented dogs, they are extremely happy dogs and do well with its family members. However, they are not recommended for children under eight as young children are not mature enough to understand the difference between a stuffed toy and a living animal. They may tend to overwhelm with dogs and act rough and the dogs may feel to po=rotect themselves and may bite your child.

Temperaments, Personality, And Behavior

The temperaments of Russel is happy, energetic and desire to work. They are very fun-loving and enjoys when given companionship or job to do. They are alert dogs and make good watchdogs. However, they can be aggressive to other dogs.

Russel Terrier is dogs with a big personality in a small package. They are quite playful and very spirited and can run all day long. Russell Terrier is very intelligent and fearless with highly trainable nature.

Russel Terrier Is Originated In England
A Picture of Jack Russell Terrier sitting.

Russel Terrier possesses a great hunting ability. Behaviors of Russel Terrier is excessive barking, willingness, possessiveness, jealousy and rudeness to strangers. Early training and socialization are necessary to make sure they’re even-tempered.


Russel Terrier Needs Early Training
A picture of Jack Russell Terrier being Trained.

Jack Russel Terriers are as told before very trainable dogs. However, they may tend to be stubborn if they don’t like their trainer’s attitude. These dogs require firm, fair and consistent training from an early age so that they know their boundaries for living with humans.

They need enough exercise to be perfect at differentiating between outdoors and indoors. Positive reinforcement is the best technique for motivating Russel Terrier.


Quick facts about Russel Terrier:

  • The Russel Terrier organized in England was developed in Australia.
  • This breed is AKC’s 175th breed.
  • They have assigned for the Terrier group designation.

Health Issues

Some common health problems, Russel Terrier tend to suffer from are:

  • Lens Luxation: It is a disease that can affect the eyes of Russel Terriers, it causes the lens in one or both of their eyes.
  • Cardiomyopathy: It is a disease that weakens their heart muscle.
  • Hydrocephaly: A disease in Russel Terrier that puts pressure on the brain tissue and cause it to degenerate.


Russel Terrier are found in 4 colors:

  • White
  • Black And White
  • White And Tan
  • Piebald


Russel Terrier Puppies Are Quite Playful

Russel Terrier Dogs give birth up to 4 puppies at a time. The price of the puppy of this breed cost $150 USD to $2500 USD depending on the breeder and location.

Which Dogs Are They Similar To?

Dogs similar to Russel Terrier are:

Russel Terrier Puppies Are Quite Playful
Russel Terrier Puppy Image Via Rover.com

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