Kerry Blue Terrier hail from Ireland’s County Kerry which is often rambunctious and energetic. The Kerry were bred for hunting as well as herding cattle. Kerry Blues are easily recognized with their curly coats, slanting small ears to long dense moustache.

If you want a Kerry Blue Terrier in your family then there are certain things you must know about them before adding.

How Is It To Live With Kerry Blue Terrier?

Kerry Blue Terrier are wonderful family dogs who love their people and territory. They are loyal and lively which demands time to play outside. Kerry Blue will insist involving in family activities and are happiest when they are with their human pack.

Kerry Blue Terrier Share A Strong Bond With Its Owner.
Kerry Blue Terrier Love Spending Time With Its Owner. Image Source- Instagram @ kerry_blue_terrier.

Kerry Blues have enough stamina to spare, they will accompany people on long walks and hikes but they prefer playing simply on the yard with games like, fetching, Frissbee, balls and running.

They are excellent watch dogs who will set you alert barking if someone is heading towards their territory. However, they are not so aggressive but are suspicious and will bark and wait for you to introduce the visitors to them.

Temperament Traits Of Kerry Blue Terriers

The Kerry Blue Terrier are smart and intelligent dogs. But like any other working dogs, they are sometimes independent thinkers. It is important to offer them jobs even after their exercising period.

Kerry Blue Terriers Are Friendly Dogs.
Kerry Blue Terrier Are Friendly With Other Pets. Image Source- Instagram @kerry_blue_terriers

Kerry Blues need to be socialized at an early age to accept new people and animals. Kerry are rarely aggressive with other animals, they will behave evenly unless they aren’t provoked.

Cats, birds and other small pets should be kept away from Kerry Blue Terriers since they have strong chasing and hunting instinct. They are best as the only pet in the house.

Personality Of Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier are very devoted towards their family. They are loyal, intelligent and very protective towards their family and territory. Kerry Blues are truly family dogs and will become depressed if left alone for prolonged period. They tend to develop separation anxiety very easily since they hate spending time alone. The Kerry Blue might become aggressive or destructive when they feel bored and alone.

Kerry Blue Terrier Wants Attention.
Kerry Blue Terrier: When My Mom Ignores Me. Photo Credit- Instagram @kerry_blue_terriers

Kerry are intelligent dogs, which makes training quite challenging. They tend to become independent thinkers and spends most of the time observing the behavior of people around them. With their even temperament and mild-mannered they are considered as one of the best family dogs around the world. They simply know how to make their masters happy.

Kerry Blue Terrier And Children

Kerry Blue Terriers are excellent with kids and they love playing and jumping around with kids. They are best suited for homes who have older children who can play with them whole day and teach them new tricks. Since they love playing fetch games and balls, children will become their best friends.

Kerry Blue Terrier Love Children.
Kerry Blue Terrier’s Playmate. Image Source- Instagram @kerry_blue_terriers.

Kerry Blues with toddlers should be supervised when together. As they are sturdy they may hurt them accidentally. Kerry Blues adores children and will not think about hurting them. They are tolerant and will have patient around children.

To conclude, Kerry Blue Terrier are best suited for people who can give them enough time and affection. These dogs love human counterparts, so to keep your dog healthy mentally and physically, spend most of the time with them playing and exercising.

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