Excited about the new Komondor puppies in your home? Komondor puppies have many exciting development stages which you might don’t want to miss.

The development stages of the Komondor puppies are described below which might be a help for you to understand what behavior changes takes place in which stage.

Newborn Stage

The Komondor puppies are blind and deaf while they are born. They are toothless and are fully dependent on their mother and littermates. In the newborn stage, they cannot even regulate the body temperature on their own and will need the help of their mother and littermates.

developmental stages of Komondor puppies
A new born Komondor puppies.

Neonatal Stage: Birth To 2 Weeks Old

Komondor puppies sleep a lot during the first week of birth and their weight doubles during this week. Their eyes will start opening during this week and the Komondor puppies front legs will start becoming stronger.

Transitional Stage: 2 To 4 Weeks Old

Since the Komondor puppies eyes are open, they will have a clear vision in the third week and will get to know how their mother and littermates look like.

During the fourth week, Komondor puppies will stand up and take its first step and will start exploring the surrounding.

Socialization Stage: 4 To 12 Weeks

This is the period where the Komondor puppy learns it is a dog. It is important that it should be kept with its littermates and mother during the period. During the eighth week, the puppy will go to its forever home and should be trained with basic commands in this week. Teething starts and chewing habit will develop.

Video of 5 weeks old Komondor puppies.

They should be treated with love and affection during this stage since they are highly influenced by the behavior you show them. They should be trained with positive reinforcement and treats for acceptable behavior to encourage and motivate them.

Juvenile Stage: 3 To 6 Months Old

The period of rapid growth is complete and the Komondor puppy is approximately two-thirds of its adult size. Compared with the three other stages the juvenile period is one of the gradual change and will start understanding the commands as well as the behavior you show them.

It is a time when a Komondor puppy will test its wings and wander further away than before. They will start analyzing your behavior and may tend to dominate you. They should be taught to respect the owner and should be sent to puppy school and obedience classes for better behavior.

Adolescence: 6 Months To 1 Year Old

Your Komondor puppy is no more a puppy now. They are adult and will start developing sexual behavior. They should be spayed and neutered in time to avoid these behaviors. They will have all the teeth grown until one year and can eat all the dog food.

developmental stages of Komondor puppies
Komondor puppy with owner. source: instagram@ cessna73015

A well-socialized puppy who has been meeting people may start to show apprehension or fear toward people and things during this period. This stage is related to a cognitive recognition of fear which means they interpret it on an intellectual level.

The regular socialization of Komondor puppy should continue throughout the life of the dog. If you are planning to keep komondor puppy in your home then you must know about these developmental stages of puppies.

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