With extremely playful and energetic temperament the Komondor is considered to be a good companion. They are very loving dogs who do not require much exercise. They are intelligent breeds with a keen instinct for protection.

Komondor is an ancient breed of dog who was brought to Hungary by nomads called Magyars. They were originally bred as flock guards and thought to be related to the Caucasian Ovcharka.

Temperament Traits Of Komondor

The temperaments of Komondor is Protective, affectionate, gentle, calm and steady. They are of independent and fearless nature which makes them good watchdogs. They are not aggressive but are not fully comfortable with strangers until they are supervised.

When introducing to new people, you need to stay close. Introduce them carefully and supervise their interaction with new people to make sure that they don’t show their protective nature towards their family.

Personality Traits Of Komondor

The Komondor has a gentle and independent personality. They are happy dogs who are affectionate towards their family and will always be ready to please their master.

Komondor Belongs To Hungary
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They are wary of strangers but early socialization can prevent this behavior. Because of there strength and temperament, they are recommended that obedience training should be started from the day you adopt them.

Is Komondor Child-Friendly?

The smart dogs are generally good with kids and are considered to be an excellent playmate for children. However, no matter how friendly or loving a dog is they need to be supervised around children to make sure their playing doesn’t become rough.

Komondor Go Well With Kids
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You need to set rules for both your dog and your child to prevent accidents. Teach your child to behave well with dogs and to disturb them when they are sleeping or eating.if these measures are followed, then your Komondor can be a best friend for your child.

How Does It Feel To Live With A Komondor?

The Komondor is very affectionate dogs and goes along with children of all age group. Because of its size, power and speed, they are not generally recommended to first dog owners as to train them and to handle them they require someone who is familiar with this type of large dog. To handle them you need to keep them under your control.

What Makes Komondor Aggressive?

A Komondor is not aggressive by nature however they are strong-willed and possess an independent temperament, therefore if anyone tries to provoke them, they can be aggressive. Some of your activities that can make them aggressive are territorial orders and threats to an owner and their owner’s livestock.

How Does Komondor Behave Around Strangers?

The Komondor is naturally suspicious and wary around strangers, but with proper training and socialization, their territorial behavior can be minimized.

They are very protective natured dogs, therefore Komondor Puppy should be well socialized because once they grow to their fuller size, it will very difficult to train the dog to obey people. Because of their aggressive tendencies towards strangers, it is very important to supervise guests when the dog is around.

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