Komondors are well-known as multi-purpose dog breed which belongs to Hungary and was bred as flock guardians.

Komondor dog breeds are independent working dogs and nowadays also considered to be a good family dog. And training a smart dog like Komondor dog is not too difficult.

When To Start Training?

As like many other dog breeds, the exact training time of your dog should be started soon after the first month of their birth.

Firstly, you should start by giving the most emphasis on your Komondor’s training and their habits. While training Komondor puppy you need to make sure that they feel safe with their training.

Komondor Should Be Train Early
Komondor Puppy Image Via Pet4Homes

Where To Start Training Your Komondor?

The best place to train your puppy is your home yard because this is the place where they feel safe and they do not hesitate.

After making them feel safe with you and training, you can start taking them to the kinder garden for obedience training, this would help them make friends and to socialize with people.

How To Define Task for Your Pet?

Defining task for your pet is a difficult part in their training, and if you have an independent pet like Komondor then it would be more difficult, as they hold an independent personality.

Breeders recommend training your Komondor Puppy once you bring them home. First, you need to teach them the “house rules” as soon as you get them. House rules include leash training and bathroom rules. You need to be very firm with them and if you miss teaching the house rules at their puppy age, then they probably won’t follow them as an adult.

Training Process

Here are some process to train your Komondor:

Scientific Training

Scientific training is science-based training. This type of training can be a little difficult as it depends on the information about their daily behavior. In this training, you need to understand your dog’s nature, their body language and the advantage of rewards and punishments.

Dogs constantly creates new studies, activities and experiments so before correcting their behavior, you need to understand everything about them.

Clicker Training

A clicker is a noice maker device. however, it helps to coomunicate with your dog exactly what he is doing.

The first step in clicker training is to teach you Komondor to associate the clicker sound with a treat. Every time the clicker sound is heard, you need to reward them a treat. And secondly, the clicker is also used to sign that a desired job has happened.

Relationship-Based Training

A relationship-based training aims to meet the needs of both the trainer and the dog. It is a warm approach of understanding the dog’s point of view. As dogs have emotions too and this training helps us to know if our dog’s desires are not considered.

Strategies And Techniques To Train Your Komondor

Here are some techniques to train your Komondor:

Go Slowly

Training dogs like Komondor is a little difficult because of their independent temperament. So you need to start training them on their favorite behaviors. Create a positive environment by rewarding them for their every minor success. Once they know that training is a good thing, then start taking making a change.

For example, add little distraction like switch on the TV or another person in the room. you need to be very patient with them. Because once the training becomes hard there are possibilities to give up.

Keep Short Training Sessions

Despite of being smart Komondors get bored easily if their training session is too long or boring.

You need to ensure that their training is short and fun. It helps you to take catch their attention for a long time without getting bored.


Komondor’ are happy dogs and are okay with children but they are usually wary with strangers. So if don’t want your Komondor to be reserved with strangers then start socializing them from their early age. And once they are properly socialized they tend to become best friends for human and will happily great your guests.

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