Kromfohrlander is a dog breed that was originated in Germany for hunting purpose. It is a small to medium sized dog that can give birth to 4-6 puppies at a time.

Kromfohrlander puppies hits maturity somewhere between 12-14 months of age. Before they reach adulthood, they go by the following stages:

Stage 1: Newborn

As soon as the Kromfohrlander puppies are born, their mother cleans the whole body by licking. Puppies are born deaf, blind, and toothless which will remain for two weeks.

The newborn Kromfohrlande puppies condition is very critical. They remain cold most of the time and piles up on one another against their mother’s body to keep themselves warm and cozy. If they are separated from their mother at this stage, they will die of cold.

Newborn Kromfohrlander puppies are so critical that they are not even able to urinate and defecate by themselves. The bitch licks the body of her puppies, which stimulate them to urinate and defecate.

Newborn Kromfohrländer
Newborn Kromfohrländer.
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Stage 2: Neonatal ( 0-2 weeks)

Since puppies are born blind and deaf which remains for the first two weeks, they use their senses of smell and touch to remain connected with their mother. They follow the mother breast scent and reach for the milk.

The mother’s milk contains colostrum which is rich in antibodies that will keep the puppies away from any diseases at an early age. They need lots of sleep at this age which should be about 85-90 percent.

Stage 3: Transitional Stage (2-4 weeks)

As soon as Kromfohrlander puppies reach the second week, their sealed eyes and ears start to open slowly. Their body will double in size by the second weeks. The ears will open in a week and the eyes take between 10-16 days to open.

After the puppies began to hear and see, they will have a different world where they will learn their litter-mates and mother faces and their voices. They will form their own vocabulary and communicate with their littermates and mother by whining, yelping or barking.

Kromfohrlander Puppies playing.

The Kromfohrlander puppies teeth will be pushing gums between 3-4 weeks and they will begin to develop teeth slowly. They will begin to walk around slowly and play with their siblings. At this stage, the puppies should be given very simple food where mother’s milk should be included most and only liquid should be provided.

Stage 4: Socialization (4-12 weeks)

Kromfohrländer puppies Stages
Kromfohrländer puppy laying on the grass.
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After the transitional stage, the Kromfohrlander puppies will enter the socialization stage. This is also a critical stage for a puppy as they accept all the people who are nice to them as family members.

At 4-7 weeks, only let the puppies interact with the family members and their siblings. Do not include outsiders frequently. During this week, let them play with their mother and their siblings. If they are separated for more than 10 minutes, they will become nervous and they tend to bark and bite.

At 7-8 weeks, Kromfohrlander puppies are fearful of almost everything. Therefore, during this period, they should not be treated harshly or yelled at or even try to correct them. They will remain fearful and that might hamper in their socialization training. Make sure to let them interact with a variety of people at this stage.

Train them basic training like come, sit, stop, etc on a leash.

Stage 5: Juvenile Stage (3-6 months)

Kromfohrländer puppies Stages
Kromfohrländer running on the field.
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Juvenile stage is a period when Kromfohrlander puppies are very curious and tends to learn everything you teach them. This is the best period to start training your Kromfohrlander puppy. They become more independent at this stage and will ignore the basic command. Therefore, gently reinforce the commands and start training. They are very playful, always running, playing, and chasing. Play with them but also teach them to stop when you say “no” or “stop” to their certain behavior.

Stage 6: Adolescent Stage (6 months-12 months)

Kromfohrländer puppies Stages
Kromfohrländer dogs sitting.
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Kromfohrlander puppies already are in final stage of their puppyhood at 6 months. Their height and weight increases with the development of their brain. This is the best stage of your young Kromfohrlander as they are energetic, lively and curious to learn new things. At puppyhood, they learn their basic task, so at their adulthood, you should enroll them in an advanced training class.

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