The Lakeland Terrier is a small to medium-sized dog breed that originated in the Lake District in England. They were bred to hunt and kill down the foxes that attacked the livestock.

The small and independent Lakeland Terrier go through a series of development stages before hitting adulthood. The various stages that they go through are mentioned below.

Stage 1: Newborn

The Lakeland Terrier puppies are born deaf, blind and toothless with no energy to fight against infections. So, they rely on their mother’s milk as it contains antibiotics to be immune. They are so weak that they rely on their littermates and mother to maintain body warmth.

Stage 2: Neonatal (Birth to 2 weeks old)

The Lakeland Terrier puppies will not be able to see and hear during this period. However, they can smell and use their sense of touch. This helps them to get near to their mother for breastfeeding.

A Lakeland Terrier with her puppies. Image Source:

The Lakeland Terrier puppies will sleep 90% of the time as various neurological developments occur in them. It is a full development stage.

Stage 3: Transitional (2 to 4 weeks old)

The 3rd stage i.e. the Transitional stage is very exciting to watch as the sealed eyes and ears of the Lakeland Terrier puppies open allowing them to see and hear.

The Lakeland Terrier puppies will be able to stand and walk a bit becoming prone for wagging their tail and barking. Teeth development starts and the puppies are very much influenced by their mother and siblings.

Stage 4: Socialization (4 to 12 weeks old)

Socialization stage is a very important stage for the Lakeland Terrier puppies as they learn to socialize with the surrounding and other dogs and new people. They’ll need a chance to meet other pets and people.

A Lakeland Terrier with his master. Image Source: Instagram@freedom_dogs_life

The 6th week is considered very critical as the terrier puppies will start accepting other dogs and people as a part of their pack. They require a lot of positive human interaction and positive reinforcement to avoid fear regarding everyday experiences and objects.

Stage 5: Juvenile Stage (3 to 6 months old)

The juvenile stage which is also referred to as the Ranking Stage is the Elementary School Age for the Lakeland puppies as they’ll experience a change in their behaviors and confidence level.

As the teeth development gets completed by this stage, the terrier puppies will start mouthing and teething. Keep your shoes and sandals out of their reach if possible.

Stage 6: Adolescent (6 months to 18 months)

The adolescent stage of the Lakeland Terrier puppies begins with the completion of their brain development. They will also become emotionally and sexually mature.

Two Lakeland Terriers playing with each other. Image Source: Instagram@lakelandterrier_saratovterrier

The Lakeland puppies will weigh about two-thirds of their adult age and will have an appearance as an adult Lakeland reaching their puberty. They are likely to develop alpha dog personality by challenging their owner for the authority. So, it is very important to start their formal training in time.

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