Kuvasz is a large white flock guarding dog breed that originated in Hungary as the royal guards or livestock guards in the 15th century. Lately, they are being used as family dogs.

The big white guarding dog can be a wonderful companion for your family if socialized and trained properly. Here are some strategies and techniques to train the Kuvasz.

When to start the training?

If you are also confused about when to start training your Kuvasz, then this article is for you. The answer to your query is, formal training is delayed until your Kuvasz reaches one year old.

A Kuvasz puppy. Image Source: Double Ring Kuvasz

Until then, you can start giving simple clues that your puppy will understand such as “come”, “sit” and “go”. As the Kuvasz is an intelligent breed, it will learn commands quickly.

Where to start the training?

The beginning school for your Kuvasz to train is your house obviously. You can start training it in your backyard if it is large enough to comfort your Kuvasz puppy.

By the time your Kuvasz reaches the correct age for formal training, you can take it to public parks, dog parks, and other puppy kindergartens. This will ensure that your dog will learn to socialize with the surrounding very well.

You can also take your Kuvasz to obedience classes in order to avoid behavioral issues in the near future. It will learn to respect you as the leader of the pack.

How to define a task for your pet?

Defining tasks for your Kuvasz can be a very difficult task for you to do. As your dog will be training for the first time, you’ll find it to become stubborn and lazy.

A Kuvasz handshaking with its owner. Image Source: Instagram@pasztor_ani

This shouldn’t back you from training your Kuvasz. You’ll have to be very patient while dealing with your dog. Teach the commands to your dog by firstly demonstrating it by yourself. You’ll have to use hand gestures as it’ll be able to read your body expressions.

The Training Process

Here are some training processes that you can go through to train your Kuvasz dog:

Alpha dog training

Alpha dog training refers to the process of training your dog which makes it realize that it isn’t the leader of the pack, but you are. In this method, your dog should be taught to respect you as its master.

Clicker Training

Clicker Training can be one of the best ways to train your Kuvasz. As they are known to be happy and lovely dogs, they will thrive on training followed by a treat.


You should take your Kuvasz dog to the outer world and let them explore the world all they can. This’ll help them to socialize with the surrounding and adapt accordingly getting familiar with other dogs and people.

Strategies and Techniques for easy training

Above mentioned training processes can be formulated properly with the help of the following strategies and techniques:

Be gentle

You should be very gentle while dealing with your Kuvasz dog. They are affectionate and hence thrive on affection that they get from their owners. Love your dog and treat them as your friend to see positive changes.

Training a Kuvasz dog.

Make Training a Habit

You’ll have to make sure that you train your Kuvasz on a daily basis. Training and exercising of your dog should be added on their daily routine. Consistent and firm training will help you to master up your dog’s skills.

Avoid Punishments

The Kuvasz thrive on love and affection and don’t like being scolded or punished. Punishing will make them lose their trust towards you. So, try to reduce punishments even if your dog makes mistakes.


To conclude, training your Kuvasz dog is very essential and a well-trained dog will make a wonderful companion for your family. However, proper training methods and strategies are very important.

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