Every dog goes through a number of development stages before becoming an adult. Similarly, the large-sized clownish and independent Kuvasz puppies through a series of development phases before becoming an adult Kuvasz.

As a responsible owner, you should observe every little change happening in your puppies. Here are some pieces of information about the transformation of the Kuvasz puppies.

Newborn Stage

The Kuvasz puppies are born deaf, blind and toothless. They are so weak that they cannot maintain their body heat. So, they rely on their mother and littermates for balancing their temperature.

A mother Kuvasz with her babies. Image Source: kuvaszpups

Neonatal Stage (Birth to two weeks)

Being unable to see and hear, the Kuvasz puppies, however, can sense and smell through which they get near to their mother and feed themselves and get attached to their littermates.

The Kuvasz puppies are likely to spend 90% of their time sleeping as it is a full development stage. They rely on their mother’s milk as it contains antibiotics which helps them to fight against infections and provides required immunity.

Transitional Stage (2 to 4 weeks)

The transitional stage brings many exciting changes in the Kuvasz puppies. The sealed eyes and ears at the time of their birth, start opening within 15 days. They will be able to stand and walk on their own by 21 days.

A Kuvasz puppy with its mother. Image Source: Dog Wallpapers

The Kuvasz puppies will become a bit mature in the 3rd week and will become independent for some extent. Their taste buds will be grown completely and will be able to taste foods. They’ll start exploring the world out of their mother’s care and playing with their siblings.

Socialization Stage (4 to 12 weeks)

Socialization stage starts from the 4th week and lasts throughout the life of the Kuvasz puppies. However, the period between 4 to 12 weeks is considered very important as the puppies will start accepting others as their family.

Socialization with other dogs and people will increase very much and the pups will be able to taste semi-solid food items. The development of their brain gets completed by the 50th day marking the perfect time for you to start their training.

Juvenile Stage ( 3 to 6 months)

Juvenile Stage, also known as the “Elementary School Age” is a stage where the Kuvasz puppies will experience a gradual increase in their confidence level. It is considered the pre-adolescent stage of the puppies.

Kuvasz puppies playing and interacting with people.

The Kuvasz puppies will start mouthing and teething as the teeth development gets completed in this stage. They’ll start challenging your authority as the owner and developing an alpha dog personality.

Adolescent Stage (6 months to 1 year)

Adolescent Stage ensures that the brain development of the puppies gets completed and they’ll become both sexually and emotionally mature. They’ll weigh two-thirds of their weight in adulthood.

The appearance and learning capabilities of an adult Kuvasz is developed. It is the perfect time for you to send your Kuvasz puppies to obedience classes. Switching to solid food items is a to-do task.


To conclude, training a Kuvasz dog is very important in order to make it a wonderful family member. Training is all about the way how you treat your dog. Be sure to treat your dog kindly and train it on a daily basis to see the best results.

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