Labrador Retreiver can be described as the most energetic and friendly dog. The sweet-faced lovable breed weighs up to 55 to 80 pounds. They are companionable housemates who bond with the whole family, also they socialize very well with other dogs.

If you are planning to get Labrador for your family especially for children, then this might be a perfect choice. They are child-friendly and protective, but they need love. How does it feel like to live with a Lab?

Are Labrador Child Friendly?

Yes, Labrador are child friendly and do not get aggressive easily. If you have a children at home then Labs is the Breed you are buying for sure.

A Labrador doesn't mind by the pressing of babies.
A Labrador is extremely child friendly dog and don’t get aggressive easily..

Sweet Personality of Labradors

The labs have the reputation of being one of the most sweet-natured dog breeds. Aside from a winning personality, it has the intelligence and eagerness to please that makes him easy to train. He’s outgoing, eager to please and friendly with both people and other animals. This breed has a lot of energy and exuberance which makes training is a must for him.

Labrador’s friendly nature is the reason it will run to greet you at the door as if you were home after years. They are happiest when involved in family activities. The dog is happy when it has a large space to run or fetch and most happy in the waters.  They possess a strong desire to please and will do anything to please you or for a treat.

Short Documentary on Labrador Retriever Dog Breed.

If you’re a busy person, then your Labrador can be destructive and might ruin your house when you are not around. They can chew things like sofas, chair and even your shoes. So, you should leave a box of things like toys, balls, ropes and other which it may like.

Temperament That Might Set You Off

As we’ve discussed their personality, being a highly energetic and athletic dog they might get aggressive when they don’t get enough attachment and exercise. If you don’t want to deal with, providing a goodly amount of exercise, carrying and chewing objects then labradors are not you might want to own.

Temperament and behavior of Labrador Breed are shaped by their training and raising. Labs are famous for being clumsy as they run around the house, can whip your drinks with their tails, and many other things. This behaviour doesn’t go away until their adolescence is gone.

Chewing habits is common in labradors. Providing lots of toys or chewing bones can help you keep your house clean.

A lovable Lab needs to be around with the family and is not a backyard dog.

How it feels like to live with a Lab?

If you want a dog who is large, has a cheerful, tail wiggling nature, eager to please and responsive to training, then Labrador is the right pet for you. The new family member won’t disappoint you as they will be highly friendly with you and your children of all ages. All dogs need training, and Labs can totally make you happy by being attentive during their training and be highly responsive.

Training of a Labrador Dog.

Not only with the family, but your little pet can also socialize with your neighbour’s dogs and are very friendly with your visitors unless they sense something bad. They will want more attention from you and will follow you around the house or when you’re cleaning and sit down beside your legs when you’re doing works on your computer.

A pet lover, Sneh Sharma has written to Quora, “Labrador is one of the easiest breed to train and raise. If you want a companion pet, you cannot go wrong with a Labrador. They are very sweet by nature so no physical punishment should ever be given. They are eager learner and reward based training method works best with them”.

A Labrador matures slowly and is highly energetic which can sound fun but it does need patience and training. Being a sweet-natured dog, it makes him an excellent therapy dog and his intelligence makes him an ideal assistance dog for the handicapped.

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